Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for Ms. Kristina

On Wednesday, ThePoeFam had the sweet pleasure of joining Quinn for his little Thanksgiving Feast at school. His class of 6 friends and the 3 year old class joined together to have a special meal. I always love seeing him in his other world…and, was reminded of how thankful I am for his sweet teacher, Ms. Kristina, and for the fact that she teaches him about Jesus at school each week! I feel so comfortable dropping my baby off with her two days a week and know that he is being taught and loved the whole time he’s there! What a blessing!
mid Nov 2011 054

mid Nov 2011 033mid Nov 2011 034

mid Nov 2011 039Nash loved being in his big brother’s class…and, while we were waiting for him to come in from the playground, he quickly found his “Bubbo’s” picture!…
mid Nov 2011 045
mid Nov 2011 048
mid Nov 2011 049

A few failed family picture attempts…mid Nov 2011 050mid Nov 2011 051
Oh how I love this boy…
mid Nov 2011 052

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