Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I interrupt this regularly scheduled PACKING…

We are ALL worn out around here! This move has totally proven why people shell out the big bucks to let people pack AND move them! THANKFULLY, we are having movers, but you’re lookin’ at your number one packer right here!

And, let’s just say, we have SOOO much stuff. I seriously don’t know how it’s possible for 2 grown ups, 2 kids, 2 puppies and 1 frog to have SO much stuff!

Anyway…I need to get back to packin’…and bubble wrappin’…and tapin’…and LAUNDRY so that we can at least have something to wear when we pack! Mercy.

{This happens a lot more than it used to due to our crazy busy life and commuting…}
Sept Oct iphone 2011 065Sept Oct iphone 2011 080

{Thankfully, we’ve been able to move some stuff into our temporary rent house for a few weeks now! And, after church last week, we tried to “do nothing” for just a little while! I think we all needed it!…}Sept Oct iphone 2011 085

Sept Oct iphone 2011 087

{I will apologize ahead of time to the movers before they pick up these boxes full of pics, scrapbooks and photo albums! And, I swear I haven’t printed pictures in almost 4 years! I need a room JUST for shelves of photo albums!!!}Sept Oct iphone 2011 096

{Did you know they made PINK bubble wrap!!? It has made packing a little less painful!…}Sept Oct iphone 2011 117

{No time for a Garage Sale! The Salvation Army truck is coming today!…}

Sept Oct iphone 2011 134

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Mary said...

Wow the is making me a little thankful that our house hasn't sold...but I know that when it happens I won't mind some of the things that go with a move-being able to clean stuff out is a great feeling!