Sunday, October 16, 2011

Charlotte’s Web

Quinn loves bedtime story time…he always has! Sadly, we rarely take the time to read during the day. (unless it’s one of Nash’s little books)…But, nighttime is ALWAYS the time that we are  intentional to spend time cuddled up in bed reading together. I love snuggling with my squeaky clean boy under the covers in his cozy bed…

And, at the beginning of September, I got the idea that he was ready to listen to some chapter books. He has such an amazing imagination and I felt that his attention span could handle it! And, after reading this article about reading aloud to preschoolers, I couldn’t wait to make it a new practice around our house!

So…this Momma got excited and quickly went to the book store to get Quinn’s FIRST chapter book…Charlotte’s Web! And, after we completed the first chapter the first night, he was hooked! I loved how I could see his mind working and I loved the questions he asked about the vocabulary in the book.

For the next few weeks, we read a chapter a night…and he ALWAYS begged to read more. Before starting to read, we’d recap what had happened the night before and we’d guess what could happen next.

My favorite prediction was when we learned (at the end of a chapter) that Charlotte was going to do something in her web to help save Wilber. When I asked Quinn what he thought she was going to do, he said…”I think she’s going to put a BOMB in the middle of her web. Then, when the farmer comes and wants to kill Wilber, she’ll drop the bomb on him!” Not a bad guess, if you ask me! Such a boy!!!

After 22 chapters, I must admit that I was sad it was over. What a precious memory with my sweet boy! I look forward to reading MANY more chapter books together.
First Day of PreK 2011 036

First Day of PreK 2011 035
First Day of PreK 2011 039
But, to continue the fun, the morning after we finished the book, I gave Quinn the original movie of Charlotte’s Web. He was ECSTATIC! (the boy LOVES a show!) As he watched it, he would (unprompted) tell me the things that were different between the movie and the book! I was SUPER impressed!!!

Then, we had a special lunch…complete with Wilbur, Charlotte and some farm animals! :) He LOVED it!! mid Sept 2011 001

mid Sept 2011 005
And, for the icing on the cake for our little Charlotte’s Web read, we went on a special date to the Majestic Theater in Dallas to see the LIVE production of Charlotte’s Web by TheatreWorks. When I was teaching, we took our 1st graders to Theatre Works productions a few times, and I even took Quinn a few years ago to see If You Give a Pig a Pancake! When I saw that Charlotte’s Web was showing, I couldn’t wait to go with my sweet love! (and his baby brother, too!) 

So, we got all dressed up and headed downtown! We had seats in the VERY front and the boys were PERFECT. Quinn loved seeing the characters come alive and Nash sat in my lap and watched the whole hour long production!
October 2011 105

October 2011 106
October 2011 109
October 2011 111  October 2011 113

October 2011 114
October 2011 120  October 2011 121October 2011 125

October 2011 127

October 2011 129

October 2011 133

In the midst of the crazy move, I loved our little Charlotte’s Web unit…and I loved how much Quinn appreciated every part of it!…Made his first grade teacher Momma so very proud! 

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LOVE the lunch you made him. I can't wait to do fun things like this with my little guy. The Kindergarten teacher in me has so many fun ideas!!