Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being Spoiled (& Surprised) is FUN!

Matt has Fridays off. We always start the day with this song (I’m not kidding…we really do!) and then spend the whole day together! This past Friday was no different. We woke up to do a little bit around the house and then headed out to be together. We grabbed some lunch and then spent a little time shopping at the hot spots around our new home.

Then, around 6, we made the decision to go home and have leftovers for dinner. But, when we pulled up to the house, Mammer and Slickpaw were at our front door! I had no idea they were coming…and, when I looked at Matt he smiled and said, “go pack your bag!”

What?!!? I was shocked! Matt rarely successfully surprises me…
But, I was ECSTATIC that he pulled it off! It had been WAY TOO LONG since we had gone on a real date…and, our last night away was our BabyMoon!  So, I packed quickly and we said our goodbyes to our littlest loves.
In a short amount of time, we pulled up at the beautiful Gaylord Texan. We had stayed there once before and loved it…and, I was so excited to spend the evening with my TGTBT! October 2011 134

After stuffing ourselves at the Mexican food restaurant and taking our sweet time eating it, we headed back to the room to rent a movie. And, when it was over, I was THIRLLED when I remembered we had NO monitor and NO alarm! TGTBTWhen we woke up, we walked down to the coffee shop to get some yummy “breakfast” and then came back up on our room to enjoy spending time together on our balcony. We read, wrote our “goals” (we always do this on our getaways) and just talked! It was perfect!!!
October 2011 139
October 2011 138

Then, a little after 10, we walked around the hotel for a while before heading to the spa for our AMAZING couple’s massage! This guy just kept racking up the BONUS POINTS with me! It was SO nice and such a special treat!!!
relax  spa
After leisurely getting ready, we packed up and went shopping for the rest of our time together. Matt wanted me to pick out a pair of boots…and more! We had so much fun taking our time at the mall (even though I did miss having the stroller to carry our bags!)
and finding lots of great deals!

Overall, I’d say that the theme of the weekend was SPOIL BRITTNEY! I was so thankful for the way my sweet husband went out of his way to make it so special for me…and, it’s not even my birthday or anniversary! I am one lucky lady!!! He truly is TGTBT!

And…these two didn’t get short changed on the spoiling…
Thank you, Mammer and Slickpaw for coming in town so that we could getaway and never once worry about these two sweet faces!

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Leslie said...

PRECIOUS!!! Love this, and I saw a BSF lesson!!! Do you love it?? I am a children's leader in my town, and I just adore it!! Glad y'all had sweet time!