Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blessed Assurance

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When we went to our new church for the first time, I was a little shocked to find out that Quinn would be attending “big church” with us. Even though I grew up in a church that had this type of set up, we had never experienced it with our own children.

I must admit that I was a little freaked out and disheartened by the whole thought of it.
How would I listen?
What would I need to bring to keep him entertained?
What if he heard content that I wasn’t quite ready for him to hear?
And, goodness knows he would ask questions about EVERYTHING!!!

After a big of grumbling, I got his “big church bag” ready and we survived. Sadly, I wasn’t able to listen as intently as I would prefer…but, it was going to be ok!

Then, after the first week of this, we got word that Children’s Church was going to be starting on the 25th!! WOOOO hoooo! My problems were solved!

But, on Sunday the 18th, as we were worshiping together in “Big Church,” my heart grew even bigger for my sweet little man…and for my Jesus. 

During praise and worship, Quinn often likes to be held. And, because I’m in mad love with him, I rarely decline the request. As I held my gangly {almost} 4 1/2 year old, I cried as I listened to him BELT OUT the words to “Hosanna!”

“HOSANNA..HOSAaaaaNA…Hosanna in the HIGH WAAYYYYY!!”

He’d sing it over and over…so loud and with NO shame! He didn’t care who was listening…
or not listening…
He was just worshiping God in my arms!

I was blown away by his assurance and his boldness! 
And, right then and there, I prayed that he would NEVER loose it!

And, even though I am thankful for Children’s Church…that moment was priceless to me.


Andrew said...

Hi Brittney, our chuch doesn't do children's church either. I wrote a brief blog post on the reason why we don't. Perhaps you (or anyone else) might like to give it a read because I understand how it can be different for those not used to it. Thanks.

The Coleman Family said...

What a precious memory! And the pictures below of your little man and dog are adorable!!!!

The Sharps said...

Tears in my eyes!I know that pride and thankfulness very well! My Hubby and I teach in the youth every sunday and we do p&w down there with the students. Since Jackson was an infant we have taken him down to do worship with us. Then I run him upstairs to childrens church. He sees mama and daddy praising God and I cant think of a better example we can be to him then sharing moments like this with him! Sometimes he will raise his arms when he sees Jason or I do it. Some times he babbles to himself and others he rests his head as we sway. It is the sweetest and best part of my week. ENJOY every moment of it.