Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Backyard Bedhead Breakfast

On Labor Day, we woke up the most BEAUTIFUL weather! I seriously could have cried! After 100+ temps for as long as I can remember, feeling temperatures in the 60’s was such a welcome blessing!

So, when the boys woke up, we went out back with our breakfast and blankets. Funny enough, they didn’t last long…Quinn got cold! …Come on Fall!!! We are SO ready for you! Beginning of Sept 034

Beginning of Sept 037
Beginning of Sept 044
Beginning of Sept 048
Beginning of Sept 049
Beginning of Sept 053
Beginning of Sept 055  Beginning of Sept 057

Beginning of Sept 062

Beginning of Sept 068
Beginning of Sept 071


Jennifer said...

Quinn is too funny and just like my little ones. We had to bring blankets in the car this morning because it was finally in the 70's. Hallelujah!

Kami said...

I love your blog! Went to Baylor and found you through the Northcutt's. I'm a new mom and thinking of getting a new camera. I'm not trying to be a professional but want more then my point/shoot camera. I have an 11.5 mo old and want to capture all her beauty and greatness... Afterall, she is a redhead and I need some good leverage when she's a terror at 13. Any recommendations? Places to visit? What do you use? (love those sweet boys...and their eyelashes!) thanks!!