Thursday, September 29, 2011

1818 Jackson

Slickpaw's pictures Aug 2011 081 When my mom turned 7 years old, she moved to 1818 Jackson. And, when she was 12, her Daddy built on to the house. When he did, she had her very own master suite. With her OWN peach colored bathroom and walk in closet.

And, when I was a little girl, my grandparents still lived at 1818 Jackson.
I went to that house countless times.
Slickpaw's pictures Aug 2011 082  Slickpaw's pictures Aug 2011 084
I remember sleeping in my mom’s old bedroom and getting ready in that same peach bathroom.

I remember reading stories in my Gackey’s lap.

I remember riding the donkey on my Papaw’s knee. (with perfect sounds included)

I remember eating an early lunch at the bar in the kitchen.

I remember watching Dallas with my Papaw. (Or hearing it on as I went to sleep.)
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I remember Easter Egg hunts in the backyard…and always finding them in the clothes line poles.

I remember the smell of the basement…it smelled different that the rest of the house.
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I remember hiding my Papaw’s cigarettes under the pillows in the front bedroom.

I remember the mustard yellow rotary telephone and thinking it was so cool.

I remember looking for Rugby, their raggedy cocker spanial, through the basement window.

And then going outside on the patio to play with him.
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I remember Trick or Treating and the sound of the screen door.

I remember backing out of the driveway in my Papaws “pick up.” Slickpaw's pictures Aug 2011 104   Slickpaw's pictures Aug 2011 116
And, now, included with those fond memories of 1818 Jackson…
I see my big boy playing with his Mammer all over the vacant house.

I see my baby love trying to walk in the living room floor.

And, I thank God for the blessing that this house has now been to our family.

Thanks to the little house at 1818 Jackson, and the fact that my Papaw willed it to me, we were able to pay off SO much debt! In the midst of our crazy changes with Matt’s job and selling our house, we have been in the process of selling this little house too! Slickpaw has spent COUNTLESS hours working to make sure we were able to sell the home in Abilene. And, after all of his hard work, I can excitedly say that Baylor University is completely paid for! And, thanks to the selling of that little house, I am now the proud owner of fun furniture, unique dishes and more.  
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1818 Jackson will always hold special memories for all of us! And, I can’t wait to see how the new owner fixes it up and sells it to the perfect family that will love it as much as it deserves to be loved.
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