Saturday, August 06, 2011

Pandamania: VBS 2011

During the last week of July, we had the fun opportunity to participate in Vacation Bible School at our church. This year it was PANDAMANIA and it was Quinn’s first time to get to REALLY be a part of it! He had his own “crew” and traveled around to all of his stationed from 9 to Noon all week long!

The theme definitely helped motivate my little “character obsessed” guy…and, after day one, he couldn’t wait for the rest! He would come home each day singing the songs and telling me all about his Bible stories…and was always so proud to show me the things that he had made!

I love that he got to be a part of such a fun week (and that I did too…I helped with registration and was the unofficial photographer for the week) and that he learned so much about how GOD is WILD about him!!!
Pandamania 2011 001
Pandamania 2011 013
Pandamania 2011 030  Pandamania 2011 038

Pandamania 2011 047 Pandamania 2011 153

Pandamania 2011 068

Pandamania 2011 139

Pandamania 2011 159

Pandamania 2011 161
  Pandamania 2011 164Pandamania 2011 167  Pandamania 2011 169
And, since Mommy was volunteering, Nash got to be a part of the fun too! He did so good in his “Panda Paws” class all week! And, his teachers (Sweet Debbie and Carrie) made it so easy for me to leave him! Pandamania 2011 176

Baby Hats 003

Pandamania 2011 219

{Q and Cruser got to be together in the same crew all week! They loved it!}
VBS 2011 004
{Nash and Everley got to spend some fun quality time together too!}
VBS 2011 012
I am so thankful for Erin and the time that she spent leading my little man all week! What a precious seed that she helped water in his heart!!!
End of Bible School, Houston 002
And, in the midst of all of the activities that were going on at church, we also had our own Panda fun at home! We attempted this Panda Bread and FAILED miserably!!! Oh well…we tried and had fun! I think it looked hopeful before it was baked…but, post oven was very questionable. My sweet Quinn saw it and said, “Mommy, that bread looks SOOOOO good!” Bless his heart! Pandamania 2011 126
Pandamania 2011 129We snacked on Panda Puffs and yummy Panda cookies…Q and Nash loved BOTH of them!!!
Pandamania 2011 132  Pandamania 2011 133
Pandamania 2011 224I attempted a fun Panda sandwich and Quinn was excited and complimentary! Pandamania 2011 225  Pandamania 2011 229
And, last but not least, we dined at Quinn’s new FAVORITE restaurant…Panda Express! It was the perfect finale to our fun week!
End of Bible School, Houston 003  End of Bible School, Houston 004

End of Bible School, Houston 006

End of Bible School, Houston 007

End of Bible School, Houston 008
  End of Bible School, Houston 009
After it was all over, Quinn was so disappointed. He said, “It’s too bad that Bible School is over until next year!” But, I’m so thankful that we have VBS to look forward to each summer! I know it will always be something that will mold and shape my boys into the amazing men that God wants them to be!!!

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