Monday, July 18, 2011

Now, How do I answer THIS!?

Mommy's View of Nash's Party and more 027

The flies in our house this summer are DISGUSTING! I swear that Matt killed 20 one day! And look at the size of the one above that was in our house last week! SICK…SICK…SICK! They gross me out so much.

Quinn has heard our complaints and has joined us in trying to kill the flies with the “fly splatter!”

Then, tonight at dinner, here was our conversation…

Quinn: Mommy, God wants flies to die, right?
Mommy: Well, I’m not really sure…He did make the files and I’m sure that they serve some purpose.
Quinn: Then God loves the flies if he made them, right?
Mommy: I guess so, baby.

Hmmmm? The conversation stopped quickly because I had NO idea what to say! Made a Momma think! Bless his sweet, tender, loving heart!


Sherri said...

awe, what a sweet boy ! Vincent was like that so I bought him this bug sucker thing that really works and he lets what he catches go outside. I love little ones that think.

Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

Brady asked me the SAME question about mosquitos last week... then he wanted to know WHY God made them. Smart, sweet boys! Disney looked amazing! Have so enjoyed looking at your pictures!

Susan said...

Poor thing! I can relate. You might try this terrific product I blogged about -

Found you from a link on Pinterest!