Monday, June 20, 2011

Nash: 11 Months Old

11 months 013Nash Baylor Poe,
You are a month away from 1! How did we get her so fast? And, needless to say, our lives have been EXTRA busy! Here’s what you’ve been up to in your precious 11th month of life…

Went to LOTS of birthday parties for your big brother’s friends
Celebrated your first Mothers Day with Mommy
Helped Mommy with inspiration for her new Etsy store, Piddle Designs
Became a proud owner of an offical birth certificate
Celebrated Q’s end of year stuff and his first last day of school
Started CLAPPING (May 21)
Said “Mama” while eating Durkin’s Pizza at home (May 20) 
Paitienty played while Mommy planned for Disney
Nursed only 2 times a day…first thing in the morning and right before bed
Got complimented on yoru georgous eyelashes at least 100 times!
Patiently played while we worked to put house on the market
Celebrated the engagement of Stephen & Natalie
Met the celebrities from Cars 2
Ate more than your brother at almost every meal!
Went with Mommy to her hair appointment
Spent time with Mammer & Slickpaw before we left for Disney
Went on your FIRST flight to go to  Disney World
Turned 11 months old at Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida
11 months 017
11 months 020
You are a precious handful! And, despite your desparate need for Mommy MOST of the time, I love your more than words could ever express. You crack us up…you cuddle…you adore your brother…you play…you flirt…you EAT…you EAT some more…you laugh your deep, belly laugh…and you bring us so much JOY! We love you and are going to soak up evern moment of the sweet baby that you are…because you’re getting too big, too fast!!!


Your Mommy!

11 months 022
11 months 025 11 months 032

11 months 033

11 months 037
11 months 040 11 months 042


11 months 044
11 months 045
11 months 047
11 months 048

11 months 011

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