Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nash: 10 Months Old

(Now that Nash is 11 months old, here is his 10 month “letter.” The pics were taken on time…the rest, not so much!…Better late than never, right!?}June 2-3 003My {poor} sweet second born,
Another month has come and gone without a proper letter. And, as much as I swore it would never happen, life has just gotten in the way of my documenting! … Thankfully, I took the pictures and cherished your 10th month more than you can imagine. You are getting so big and your personality brings huge smiles to my face hundreds of times a day. I love you so very much, my sweet bubber chubs!
XOXO, Your Mommy

In your 10th month…
We had “Sushi Thurdsays” with Daddy while Q was at school.
You had to visit Dr. G for your recurring “cold.”
You had your 9 month well check and were a brave boy when you got shots
We traveled to Abilene so Daddy could speak at a Disciple Now…but, we got to play with Mammer & Slickpaw.
We celebrated Easter with Quinn at school.
We traveled to Austin to meet your sweet baby cousin, Ava Elisabeth DePalermo.
You celebrated your first Easter.
We watched the Royal Wedding.
We took Quinn to school and picked him up LOTS of times. You still travel down the hall in your snap-n-go most of the time.
We said goodbye to Daddy and Quinn at the airport for them to travel to West Virigina. 
You and I went to Canton with Mammer & Slickpaw and you were such a trooper.
We picked up Quinn and Daddy at the airport after a LONG weekend apart from them.
Your appetite grew & grew some more. 
You continued to be a Momma’s boy.
You and your big brother REALLY started to interact and actually play. You love his toys and HIM!June 2-3 004

June 2-3 005June 2-3 007

June 2-3 015

June 2-3 012June 2-3 022

June 2-3 026June 2-3 031

June 2-3 032

June 2-3 034

June 2-3 038

June 2-3 041

June 2-3 042

June 2-3 049


Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Those eyelashes!! Such a sweet pea!

The Mrs. said...

Such a precious boy!! What a blessed family!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

every woman would kill for his eyelashes.