Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In & Out at In-N-OUT…FINALLY!!!

I’ve been anxious to try IN-N-OUT Burger since it opened! But, the lines have always prevented me from getting my wish. Until today!!! Today was the day! Q, Nash and I arrived a little after it opened and waited for less than 5 minutes before sitting in our booth.

And, when I sunk my teeth into my first cheeseburger (with special sauce on the side), it TOTALLY lived up to the hype! I loved it! Quinn was so cute watching me (since he’d already been once with Daddy)…and kept asking me, “Do you like it Mommy!? Is it sooo good!?”

I anticipate we’ll be making LOTS more trips to IN-N-OUT in our lifetime…but, I can guess it’ll always run a close second to my beloved Bueno! :)

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The Riedel Family - Confessions of a Marine Wife said...

Is it not sooo good?? My favorite thing to get is the Cheeseburger "Protein Style" where it is wrapped in lettuce. This offsets my "animal style" fries (fries covered in grilled onions, cheese, and sauce). It is to die for!

The Sturgeon Family said...

Do you live near Frisco?? My sister lives in Frisco and we just went this past weekend! SO GOOD!

Jamie said...

Quinn's shirt is perfect!
This past weekend I found the Popeye and Charlie Brown shirts that Quinn has! I think I squealed when I saw them! I can not say it enough- I love how you dress your boys! So fun!

Christy said...

Mmmm...I totally had In-N-Out for lunch today! Ha ha! Not sure if you're a fan of onions, but if so you must try a burger with whole grilled onions. If you ask for grilled onions they give you the little chopped up ones, however if you ask for whole it is a whole slice grilled up perfectly & it gives every single bite-o-burger a little extra something. So stinkin delicious!!

the tichenor family said...

YUM! I wish they'd open one in Houston-- but I am SO not above a road trip to Dallas just for In-and-Out. Quinn looks adorable in his burger shirt. You're the best mama!