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Quinn: 4 Years Old

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 085My sweet love,
You are four! And FOUR sounds too big! When I tell you to stop growing up so fast, you laugh and don’t seem to mind telling me that you ARE going to get bigger! And, for that I’m thankful…and heartbroken at the same time.

I think that if I could freeze you in time, this would be the age I would choose. You are independent enough but still need me all of the time. Hearing you say “Mommy” still makes my heart skip a beat…especially when it’s preceded with, “I Love You!” And, watching you live and love life is a true and unexplainable joy. You are a priceless gift and I still seem to have a hard time believing that you’re mine.
Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 042So…in honor of YOU…my TOO BIG four year old…(and the fact that this week you’re talking about senses at school)…here are my SENSES OF YOU…Quinn Davis Poe…

When I see you, I see such a stunning little boy. Your pale skin is from your Momma (sorry) and your brown eyes are from your Daddy! You are so long and lanky and have not an ounce of fat on your body. We like to call you “Boney Baroni!” (and sing you the song that Nana & Pawpaw always sang to Daddy!)

You have a gorgeous smile with the prettiest teeth…and the best dirty blonde hair that styles so well! (we still call gel “Johnny B” even though we’ve upgraded to other kinds)

We love to watch you as you play…and are amazed with how well you use your imagination and HOW LONG you’re content to stay indoors and play with all of your toys. You especially love all of your super hero things and the Imaginext sets. But, you’ll occasionally still play with Lightening and Thomas.

But, hands down, my favorite thing is to watch you with your baby brother. You love him…you care for him…you pray for him…and, just recently, you’ve really been able to start playing with him. You are so good to give him YOUR toys to play with…because you know that’s what he wants the most. And, you get most excited to see him after school or when you wake up in the mornings. Watching you with him has made me love you and appreciate your kindness even more. Your Daddy and I always look at each other and realize that your compassion and sweetness is just not normal. You’re a dream!

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 043

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 051

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 092Because of you, there are smells that will forever remind me of your childhood. When I smell Baby Magic, I can be transported back to your baby days…even though I’ve never stopped using it on you. When I smell peanut butter or apple juice…or play doh…I will always remember what you were like as a four year old.

I love to smell your hair and your breath that never stinks. One day, I know you’ll be a stinky boy…but not yet!

And, speaking of smells, your precious joyfulness always allows you to stop and smell the roses. Literally and figuratively. You’re rarely in a hurry…and you’re always soaking in the details and the beauty of our world. You’re amazed by mosquito hawks and other things that most people would just walk past. It makes me stop and notice things too…and, for that, I’m so grateful! Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 046
Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 048You’re an ok eater…by far your favorite tastes are SWEETS! You live for desserts and candy and fruit snacks and peanut butter. But, I can’t complain…you’ll try anything. And, you’ll eat your weight in refried beans, Spanish rice and queso. You’d say that your favorite restaurant is “Old McDonald’s,” but we all know that you choose that because of the toy!

As you’ve turned four, you’ve gotten a little more of a taste for adventure. With school has come a little more daring nature in you. You’ll climb and jump like you wouldn’t before. You’re still fairly cautious, but we can see your “boy” side more and more! Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 070

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 098Your sweet hands CONSTANTLY have something in them. From the time you were crawling and WOULD NOT let go of the yellow golf balls until now, you have to have some little something in your hands. You play so well and just love your toys.

This year, you have learned to write your name and are starting to really enjoy drawing. You’ll draw our family or superheroes and you enjoy writing words if I’ll tell you which letters. I’m so proud of the pre-schooler that you are and love seeing all of the projects that come home.
Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 075

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 050
Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 053

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 062

But, surely, more than any sense, I love that I get to hear your precious voice everyday. Don’t get me wrong, your constant chatting often WEARS ME OUT, but I am so thankful that you always have something to say! Listening to you while you play is hilarious and the conversations that we have are just so grown up. You ask such good questions (so much about Jesus dying on the cross right now) and don’t have any problems having a discussion with anyone and everyone.

On top of your words, I love to hear you sing. I’ll catch you singing songs from chapel while you play and it melts my heart. We love to sing and dance together in the car…and I can’t help but watch you in the rear view mirror.

And, your laugh…it’s precious and so very contagious. It doesn’t take much to make you giggle…but Daddy gets the BIG belly laughs from you. Sitting back and watching you with him is one of my favorite things. Music to my ears.

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 073
Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 074And, just for fun, here’s a little interview with you. All of the words under the questions are your quotes. You’re a hoot….

Do you like to sleep?
Not really. I just like to play. I don’t really want to go to sleep. You put me to sleep though. I might get tired and I’ll fall asleep.

What is your favorite thing to eat/drink?
My favorite is Pop Tarts for breakfast. My favorite is peanut butter sandwich for lunch. And my favorite is crackers at dinner time. I like water and milk and apple juice to drink. And here’s one more food I like…a banana. Cuz I’m a monkey, right?

What are your favorite shows?
Super Hero Squad and Kermit and Super Why and Mickey Mouse and Backyardagains. That’s a lot!

What are your favorite songs?
Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, This Little Light of Mine and Deep and Wide. Tell me about your favorite toys. And Ruben What are you Dippity Doin’! And Madagascar.

What makes you sad/frustrated?
When I get a correction. And when people make me frust-er-ated by doing catcherettes. Catcherettes are bad, right? And when you yell at me, I talk sad.

What makes you happy?
Watching shows. Playing with Nash. Playing with toys. Playing with Daddy. Playing Trios. Playing activities. Playing games. Playing on the playground. Running around the playground. Loving you. (while pointing to me)

What makes you laugh?
When I get the basketball in the trashcan. What I get the ball in Daddy’s face. Running on the playground and when people stick out their tongue at me.

What is love?
When you do this. (while hugging me)

What do you know about Jesus?
I know that he is the Son of God and I know that he gives me the Bible. I think that’s it.

What is your favorite Bible story?
David and Goliath.

What do you love most about school?
Who do you love to be with?
Ellie and Cruser and Cade and not _____, because he spits at me. Daddy. Daddy’s my grown up friend. And you, Momma. You’re my grown up Momma.

Where do you love to go?
Toys R Us. Target to look at the toys. I like eating at Square Burger.

Is being four better than being three?
Yes, because I like having the Dragon Castle. (his favorite birthday gift that he got from Mammer & Slickpaw)

And, here are some of your four year old habits…

Bad habits: (some are our fault…but, they’re still bad!)
Putting ALL of your toys in your mouth.
Stalling at bedtime.
ALWAYS wanting to look at the toys when we’re at a store.
Making a BIG mess with your toys. We’re working on putting away before we get out more.
Loving Nash too hard sometimes.
T.V. I think you’d watch shows ALL day if we’d let you.

Good habits:
Wanting to do the right thing.
Good manners.
Playing by yourself.
Telling us you love us ALL of the time.
Telling the truth.
Trying any food.
Always holding our hand or the stroller when we’re out and about.
Sharing with Nash. 
Thinking to stop and pray throughout the day.
   Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 089Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 091

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 094
I could write for days and never truly sum up who you are and all of the amazing things you say and do. You truly are the sweetest little, glass-half-full, little guy. You bring SO much joy to our lives and I just pray that all of your siblings have your sweet nature. Daily, I look at you and my heart swells with love for you…and I am constantly thankful that God has blessed us with your presence.

Thank you for everything that you are. I can’t wait to watch you as a BIG FOUR YEAR OLD!!!
I love you a bushel and a peck,
Your Mommy

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 097

Nash is 8 mo, Q is 4 077

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