Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Proud of our Big Brother!

Last Thursday, thePoeFam got all dressed up to celebrate Quinn at his first Spring Sing/Open House. He had been talking about the songs & projects for weeks and we couldn’t wait to watch him show off all of his hard work!

So, we dropped off our big pre-schooler with his class and found a good seat to watch the show. When we spotted our big boy out of the HUNDREDS of kids, he was happy to see us…but a little nervous. It was funny to watch him put his fingers in his mouth and twirl his hair. At one point, he even said “Mommy” about a dozen times. (And, I’m sure the sweet, sad little friend beside him wasn’t helping! ha.)

The songs and motions were darling. Between yawns, he did a GREAT job. We were so proud. Then it was off to his class to see all of his hard work! We loved seeing his paintings, books, art projects and (most of all of this teacher Mommy) his assesmment! It’s fun to have a school boy and I so appreciated all of the hard work that the teachers made to make it so special!

Now, only 2 more moths until SUMMER! I can’t believe that we’re on the downhill slope! It has been a great year so far…and Quinn is looking forward to the rest! Quinn's 4th 107

(See him with his fingers in his mouth and his hand twirling his hair?!…)

Quinn's 4th 108
Quinn's 4th 109
Quinn's 4th 112

{Funny, nervous face…}Quinn's 4th 118

Quinn's 4th 123
Quinn's 4th 127
Quinn's 4th 133 Quinn's 4th 136

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