Monday, March 28, 2011

Nash: Seven Months Old

Nash Baylor Poe,

On February the 6th (Slickpaw’s 61st birthday), you turned 7 months old. And, due to lots of birthday celebrations, sicknesses, snow days, visits from grandparents, planning your brother’s party and more, your letter did not get written. Your Daddy jokes that you’ll forever be heartbroken by this horrible tragedy! … And, even though I know you’ll never care (or possibly ever even know the difference), it bugs me that it didn’t get done. … Oh well…being the easy going second born that I’m SURE you’ll be, I hope you’ll forgive me. …

But, I did take the pictures on time! … Aren’t you cute? … Stay tuned for your 8 month pics…WITH letter!!! (Lord willing!)

I love you more than words in a silly letter could ever describe anyway,
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