Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 17 & 18

Here are Quinn’s lunches from the past two weeks. And, looking at them is making me hungry. …What am I saying? I’m ALWAYS hungry! Nursing gives me a bigger appetite than pregnancy ever did! … Anyway…enough rambling…here are the lunches.

Lunch #1: An assortment of goodies in the Goodbyn with some fun Thomas rings that I got at the grocery store bakery. A hot winter day 002Lunch #2: Why not make sandwiches with his letters? He loved it! …And, I used the Easy Lunchboxes for this one! David & Goliath Day and more 017
David & Goliath Day and more 020Lunch #3: The most exciting thing from this lunch was the caramel dip and apples. And, this lunch was GONE! Seriously, NOTHING left! Brothers are FUN 051Lunch #4: This was supposed to be Quinn’s “animal homes” lunch for school…since that’s their theme this week. But, due to our Texas Arctic Storm, we got to enjoy it at home. Feb 1 002
Feb 1 003
Feb 1 005And, I added the rest of his lunch inside of the doors of his little animal hospital. He thanked me more than once for his fun lunch! Feb 1 007
Feb 1 008

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Jennifer said...

You are sooo creative with his lunches!

And I am with you, I was always more hungry when I was nursing than when I was pregnant. Have you tried the Barbeque Meatballs by Pioneer Woman Cooks (they're on her website)? She says in her cookbook that she had them brought to her when she was nursing one of her kids and they were the only thing that filled her up. They are sooo yummy and were one of the few things that kept me full too. You have to try them, especially on these cold snow days!