Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Love bugs…

The day after Valentine’s Day, the boys and I headed to our annual Valentine’s playgroup. Thankfully I had time to wash their t’s so they could wear them again…and we couldn’t wait to play with some of our favorite little buddies.

The time we spent together {and Kara’s DARLING new house} did not disappoint. The hours passed by way too quickly as the boys played inside, outside, decorated their “love bug” bags and consumed way too much sugar.

I always leave playgroup feeling so thankful for the lifelong friendship that these boys (and us mommies) share. Kara made the statement that we should be on Oprah…and I think she’s right! Too bad it’s her last season! Ellen, maybe!? Playgroup Valentines 001

Our attempt at a group shot of our little LOVE BUGS…we missed you, Hudson…and, Sutton had already gone home to take care of his twin babies. …Playgroup Valentines 009From left to right: Chapman holding Cole, Tanner, Landon, Ellie, Nash, Quinn, Porter, Jace, Reid and Grant
Playgroup Valentines 015Nash just wanted to eat the grass…what a mess these boys (and girl) are…
Playgroup Valentines 017 
 Playgroup Valentines 019  Playgroup Valentines 022
And, my favorite moment had to be when Quinn was outside playing, he RAN inside to get me while excitedly saying, “Mommy…come outside, quick, so you can take my picture!” And, here’s the result. He just stood there and smiled at me. My love. I’ve trained him well!!!!…Playgroup Valentines 026
Playgroup Valentines 027


Annie said...

so cute! Its so hard to imagine that the group has grown from 8 boys to 13 boys and 2 girls! Crazy!!! I can't wait until the twins can start joining in on the fun!

Q. August said...

I agree that your playgroup should be on Oprah. I have been prayin and wishin for a group of girls with daughters to form a similar one. No such luck. Dagh o well guess that just means I get my sweet little Cassie all to myself. Please follow one or any of the blogs I write. Im still "the new kid on the block" trying to find a voice in the world wide web hahaha.