Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Joy of Love: Day 07 & 08


day 07:{February 9, 2011}: who he loves
snow day take 3 008
{hangin’ in jammies with his two favorite buddies on ANOTHER snow day}


day 08: {February 10, 2011}: gift from the heart
snow day take 3 043
Every day, my husband gets up and goes to work so that I can have my dream job…being a stay-at-home Mommy! Sure, there have been sacrifices…but we both felt that God was calling me to stay at home when Quinn was born! I will FOREVER be grateful for his hard work that provides for our family. It is the most amazing gift he could ever give me!!!

{pics show Matt praying with Q (they take turns praying for each other) and giving him “noggin’” before leaving for work today!}
snow day take 3 046

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

The picture of your husband praying with Quinn just made my eyes fill up. A picture is worth a MILLION words.