Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“For you see, each day I love you more. Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” ~Rosemonde Gerard

I think I’ve said before that Valentine’s Day has not always been my favorite holiday. Sure, I’ve enjoyed the special attention from a boy…but, I guess since it’s only 3 days after my birthday (post coming soon), I’ve never really cared for it to be huge.

UNTIL…we had kids! Now, I LOVE IT! I mean, I BIG PUFFY HEART love it!!! I love that it gives Matt and I a reason to celebrate us…and I love having a day to celebrate our family and the love that we share. (and I LOVE pink & red…and hearts…and sparkly things!!!)

So, we had a great Valentine’s Day as a family of four! It started with a fun breakfast for Quinn. He was so excited and appreciative. Oh how I love that boy…31st bday and more 050Then, before school, I did a little photo shoot of my sweet Momma’s boys. We were a little late to school, but it was well worth it…
            31st bday and more 06931st bday and more 07131st bday and more 072

31st bday and more 078  31st bday and more 079

31st bday and more 080

31st bday and more 082
31st bday and more 086

And, at lunch time, Nash and I went back up to Quinn’s school to go to his Valentine’s party. It’s so fun to get a glimpse into Quinn’s day. He was definitely showing off for us! (mercy…I hope that’s what caused the craziness that I saw…surely he’s not ALWAYS like that! Let’s hope not!!!) But, it was fun to participate in lunch, crafts and more. What a sweet class he has. Valentine's Day 2011 002

Valentine's Day 2011 012

Valentine's Day 2011 014

Valentine's Day 2011 015
Valentine's Day 2011 019Valentine's Day 2011 023Valentine's Day 2011 027Valentine's Day 2011 029

Valentine's Day 2011 021Then, when we got home and got Nash to nap, it was time to dive into all of those Valentines. SO exciting. I, remembering the joy of opening Valentines, got so excited for him. And, he loved each and every thing that he got from his friends.
Valentine's Day 2011 033And, here’s what Quinn gave to his buddies. He was so excited to give it to them…
Feb 4,5 022Feb 4,5 024|

Feb 4,5 030
Feb 4,5 029
Finally, it was time to celebrate my first Valentine. I got the table set kinda fun…
Valentine's Day 2011 037Valentine's Day 2011 038
…and Matt brought home yummy pizza from our favorite local place, salad and wine. Perfect.
Valentine's Day 2011 040He had left cards at different places throughout the day…which MELTED my heart to no end.
We didn’t do much this year…but I did get him a cool book for us to spend time doing together and a travel Starbucks mug. He got me a membership to a local wine club! I’m SUPER excited. We’ll get a bottle every month…and perks to the winery! SO FUN!!!!
31st bday and more 088Valentine's Day 2011 063

Valentine's Day 2011 061

The rest of the evening consisted of some fun family time…and watching some of our favorite shows while enjoying some of that wine! It was a perfectly perfect Valentine’s Day…one that reminded me of how blessed I am to have so much love in my life.
Valentine's Day 2011 043
Valentine's Day 2011 050

Valentine's Day 2011 051

Valentine's Day 2011 053


Carroll said...

So glad you had such a fun day! :)

Meredith said...

You're so cute! What a fun Valentines!!! And, I love Reid and Quinn's class - I don't think we could have asked for a better group of kids, better teachers and better moms!!!!