Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Donuts with Daddy

Last Thursday, Matt had the special privilege of taking Quinn to school and participating in “Donuts with Daddy.” Lately, I have watched the relationship between these two become something EXTRA special. Quinn truly cherishes time with his Daddy…building with Trios, playing with superheroes, playing Super Hero Squad on the Wii and more. Matt is so intentional to spend such quality time with his buddy…and I know Quinn soaks in every single minute.

Quinn got to wear his Daddy’s tie to school, and, after I proudly snapped a few pics, they were on their way to celebrate each other.
feb 17 013
feb 17 015 Moments later, pictures started coming to my phone. {Proving what a proud Daddy Matt was!} I saw the special things that Quinn said about his Daddy and my darling boys enjoying their donuts. Quinn was so proud to give his Daddy his tie (see picture below) and a painted container full of pretzels that Quinn said they could put in “their office!”
my dad...

What a special relationship these two share! I love them so.


Jessica said...

That is SO sweet! I love that he said his eyes are pinkish brown--must be tired eyes he's seeing! :)

Miranda said...

This is THE SWEETEST thing!!!! :-)

Jenn-Neal said...

Quinn looks so grown up in these pictures! His hair is so adorable.

Carroll said...

What a sweet day!