Monday, February 07, 2011

And, the Cabin Fever Continues…

    This is finally over… {for now, anyway!}…
    Feb 4,5 001    Feb 4,5 007
The big boy of our house didn’t even care to play in it!

And, due to all of this…Feb 7 002…the melted snow didn’t cure our cabin fever. So, instead of going to church as a family, we watched it like this…
feb 5, 6 007…But, we HAD to get out…so, Sunday afternoon consisted of this…
walk feb 6 002
     walk feb 6 005   walk feb 6 009

walk feb 6 015
It was greatness! We all needed our vitamin D like CRAZY!!!
walk feb 6 013
walk feb 6 014
walk feb 6 020
walk feb 6 026
walk feb 6 028

But, when we got home…we had more of this…Feb 4,5 031

Back in our PJ’s to take naps and watch the Super Bowl!…Quinn with a sinus infection in his eyes…Nash on breathing treatments…Mommy with her 3rd bout of mastitis since Nash’s birth! It’s not pretty!

And, today, we’re stuck back at home. Not at school…we’re a pitiful bunch!
But, we’re surviving!
Feb 7 005
And, check out the trek that this sweet baby love made from his room to his brother’s. Watching melted my heart! He couldn’t wait to get there!…
Feb 7 003Feb 7 004Feb 7 006Feb 7 007Feb 7 008Feb 7 009Feb 7 010Feb 7 011Feb 7 013Feb 7 014Feb 7 015Feb 7 017Feb 7 016Feb 7 018Feb 7 019Feb 7 020Feb 7 021
He did it! And, we’re going to do it! {with the help of Jesus, of course!} WE WILL survive this crazy bout of sickness! And, we’ll look back at it and wish for more time in our jammies! That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway!


Jennifer said...

Just a tip for the eye drops that I learned from our pediatrician. Have Quinn lay down and close his eyes. Then put a drop in the corner of his eye by his nose and have him open his eye. The liquid will slide in and it's not so scary for him. I have to do that to myself too because it freaks me out to see a drop coming at my eye.

allyo said...

Sweet boys! I loved your pictures of Nash's trek from his room to Big Brother's room!

Miranda said...

This was the sweetest post!! I hope ya'll are able to get OUT a bit more this week. :-)

sharon said...

that was the cutest little picture progression. i've had mastitis twice now since i had august. NOT fun.

Mindy Harris said...

your boston is so cute! name? story? we had a boston but had to give him back to the adoption agency because he was too expensive.