Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I’m 31. It happened on the 11th of this month and it was a fabulous day. It started with lots of birthday wishes and my favorite junky breakfast with yummy coffee. The little boys of the house were already super excited it was my birthday because they got to partake in the early morning sugary goodness!

The day was full of LOTS of special cards from my husband with things that I got to get/do throughout my day. So special…and spoke my perfect love language.

We had lunch at Raising Canes (I seriously think I could drink their sauce) and took a trip to the mall to go to some of my favorite stores. Then, after a relaxing late afternoon at home, we got ready and Mammer and Slickpaw arrived.

Then, after putting Nash nigh-night, our sweet babysitters arrived and my parents, Matt, Quinn and I went to our 8:30 reservation at Texas de Brazil. Dad had always wanted to go…and, since his birthday was only 5 days before, we thought we’d have a dual birthday celebration.

We got back home super late and opened gifts. It was a perfect day. And, I went to bed being extra thankful for people that made it so special for me. 31st bday and more 002
31st bday and more 006 
31st bday and more 016
31st bday and more 019
31st bday and more 023
31st bday and more 025


9245153720105{our 32nd nose pic.}


Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

this last picture made me tear up a little! So sweet! Happy Birthday Brit!

Jennifer said...

We have Raising Canes here in Houston and it is sooo yummy. Now you have me wanting some of it and it is only 8:30am!

Jessica said...

Sounds like the perfect Birthday to me! Hope you had a great one!

twinkietotmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday! P.S. I love that you like to match/coordinate your family! I do the same thing!!!