Thursday, January 06, 2011

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 14

Quinn got a fun new lunchbox for Christmas. Now, don’t think that the Easy Lunchboxes are retired…I just thought it would be fun to mix it up every now and then.

Check out the GoodbynRSV 017Isn’t it cute? Quinn had SO much fun making him a he with all of the fun stickers. And, it’s even more fun on the inside. Take a peek…
RSV 018Lunch #1: (from top to bottom)… applesauce covered with a spider web note and a box of Spiderman candy sticks; a Hawaiian roll turkey sandwich with a picture of Spider-Man drawn with food safe markers; yellow raisins; pretzels; blueberries and banana; Apple Sticks

Quinn loved it and his new lunchbox!!! Almost EVERYTHING was gone when he got home!!!
RSV 012
RSV 011Lunch #2: Not many different food choices from the first one…Star Wars banana, blueberries; yellow raisins, applesauce; Apple Sticks; Hawaiian roll turkey & pb sandwich with Star Wars rings; Rice Crisp Pomegranate ChipsJan 6 002
Jan 6 005I enjoyed packing Quinn’s lunch in the Goodbyn. I do love that there are LOTS of spots and I love that I am also saving time and the enviroment by using this beauty!


Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

So so cute!! I must know where you got those Star Wars rings?! My boys would LOVE them!!

Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...
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Unknown said...

I just LOVE all those lunch ideas. We get stuck on cheese and pretzels, cheese and pretzels.
Where do you find food-safe markers?
That could get out of control (in a good way) at this household.

ThePoeFam said...

Sara, I got the rings at Wal-Mart Bakery. They let me buy all kinds for 10 cents a piece!!! :)

And, Mindy, here is the link to the markers! They're fun!!!

Shawna Nicholson said...

Ok...I HAVE to get the new lunchbox for my boys!!! Super super cute! I may never be able to do the cute lunch ideas like you do (although I wish I could) but I HAVE to have that lunchbox! :)