Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mammer’s “Big Number” Birthday!

Mammer's Bday Part 1 035This past weekend, we got to celebrate Mammer! Why!? Because she turned SIXTY! You’d never believe it! Right!?!? And, we had the greatest time…shopping, eating, opening gifts and just having fun with the boys!

On Friday night when Mammer & Slickpaw got here, we had her “party!” Chicken pot pie was on the menu and yummy cupcakes, of course! Quinn was ecstatic and COULD NOT WAIT for Mammer’s birthday. He had talked about it for weeks and said, “I’ll be Mammer’s big number one day!” He loves his Mammer so!

Finally, after a pretty low key weekend, we got to celebrate her real birthday on Monday! Quinn was, once again, ecstatic! He couldn’t wait to celebrate her REAL day! So, after Mammer & Slickpaw took Quinn to school…and Nash took a nap…we picked him up early so that we could go eat {Square Burger in Downtown McKinney…YUM, by the way!!!} and come home to open gifts.

It was a great weekend! And, we were all so thankful to celebrate SIXTY with Mammer! Even though she deserved a BIG bash (which she wouldn't let us throw), we were happy to all be together! …”Make a wish…blow the candles out…Happy Birthday…WEEE LOOOVEEE YOOOOOUUUU!” 4d33c3b5f92ea1538900007e-1295238069
Mammer's Bday Part 1 009
The table was fun to decorate. The grapevine balls had lots of fun pictures from the years past…and the little ceramic placecards have words that Quinn said described his Mammer! Sweetness…Mammer's Bday Part 1 007
Mammer's Bday Part 1 012Mammer's Bday Part 1 002Mammer's Bday Part 1 023Mammer's Bday Part 1 017

Mammer's Bday Part 1 029

Mammer's Bday Part 1 033
5512486020105Quinn made this little canvas for Mammer…ALL BY HIMSELF! I had ideas, but he wanted NOTHING to do with MY ideas! He wanted a purple flower…with a yellow middle…a green stem and a rainbow! He kept saying, “She’s gunna love this….and put it in a frame in Abilene!” He was right! 3392986020105Mammer got a bunch of QT with Nash over her long birthday weekend. None of us complained about that…
David & Goliath Day and more 007
David & Goliath Day and more 001
David & Goliath Day and more 006Quinn was SUPER excited to leave school early to celebrate Mammer…
Eating at Square Burger…
5425096020105And, when Mammer got this card from Slickpaw, Quinn kept saying that the pic looked like Mammer. It was hilarious! We tried to convince him otherwise, but he kept saying that it did! Mercy. Good thing Mammer is a good sport.

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