Sunday, January 09, 2011

“January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.” Sara Coleridge

The excitement at our house last night might have been greater than Christmas Eve. Quinn was SO excited that it might snow. We tried to not promise anything, but he couldn't help but plan what he wanted his snowman to look like!

So, when he woke up and it was just rain, we were all a little disappointed. But, right before lunch, the beauty started coming down in SHEETS! And, it didn’t stop!!! Quinn was EXSTATIC!!! Running around…screaming!!! It was fun! We all looked outside as it started to collect on the ground…and, as soon as there was enough, we got bundled up and headed outdoors! It was cold…but oh so beautiful! And, Quinn loved EVERY moment of it! Nash even seemed to be excited about his very first snow!

All I can say is that I’m SOOO glad that our stupidly hot Texas winter got at least ONE snow this year! It’s so magical…and creates such fun memories! Just look…

SNOW! 042
SNOW! 047
SNOW! 051
SNOW! 054
SNOW! 060
SNOW! 063

SNOW! 071

SNOW! 077
SNOW! 078
SNOW! 088
SNOW! 093
SNOW! 094
SNOW! 098
SNOW! 099
SNOW! 101
SNOW! 107
SNOW! 109
SNOW! 113
SNOW! 114
SNOW! 123And, meet “Gardy”…our snowman! Quinn named him…

He has …
a Broyles Carpet hat from the 70’s
Spice container lids eyeballs (with Sharpie centers)
A carrot nose
A rubber mulch smile
A scarf
and Celery arms

By the way, Gardy, I’ll be needing back your eyes after you melt. My open ginger and cinnamon are carefully sitting on top of my fridge! SNOW! 129
SNOW! 131


Brittney @ britandtheboys said...

haha! I love the bumbo in the snow! great photos! What fun snow is for us Texans!!

Jennifer said...

How fun! My little girl is anxiously awaiting it to snow in Houston since it did 1 time last year. I keep trying to tell her that was a fluke, but she's not taking my word for it! ha!

The Sharps said...

we did the bumbo in the snow to with Jackson! I love Quinn and Nash's hats. Too cute.

Unknown said...

these snow pictures are adorable. your house looks so pretty in the background. we had our first snowfall last night. it did accumulate, but it's not the packing kind of snow suitable for snowman building. we tried!