Wednesday, January 26, 2011

David & Goliath Day

After a very convicting service at church, I felt the need to be more intentional about focusing on Bible stories with Q. Sure we talk about things he learns at church and school, but I feel that Matt & I need to dig a little deeper with him. So…since the story of David & Goliath is Quinn’s current favorite Bible story, I decided to make a day of it.

So, I made a trip to Mardel to collect my supplies. The Action Bible was actually something we got Quinn for Christmas, but the rest of the books/DVD were great prices. And, I also found  David & Goliath action figures. Quinn was beyond excited. David & Goliath Day and more 021The morning started with working in the Activity Book. Q did most of it in one sitting. He loved it!
David & Goliath Day and more 024Then, after Nash went down for his first nap, we cuddled up on the couch and read the David & Goliath story in his Action Bible. After that, we wrote down some things on the paper slingshot I had made. … Quinn answered the questions “When are you brave?” and “When do you trust God to help you?” I loved hearing his sweet answers.
David & Goliath Day and more 026
David & Goliath Day and more 027Then, after some fun “fighting” with the action figures, I asked Quinn if he wanted to draw David & Goliath. And, I was so impressed with the result! Check out Goliath's helmet and shield…and David’s slingshot…and their serious faces! Love it!!!David & Goliath Day and more 029After lunch, Quinn had a special treat of a slingshot cookie. With the five stones, of course.David & Goliath Day and more 033
David & Goliath Day and more 035Then, after watching the DVD (which I thought was pretty lame…but Quinn wanted to watch it AGAIN and again!), Daddy came home and it was time for the BEST part! Reenacting the whole story.

And, even though Quinn knew that David didn’t use a sword or a shield…he HAD to have them! And the stones (out of foil) were a must! David & Goliath Day and more 062Watching my boys play and fight and reinact the story that I’d told at least a dozen times today was absolutely priceless! Quinn LOVED every second of it…and Matt did a GREAT job of hamming it up just right. David & Goliath Day and more 055
David & Goliath Day and more 046
David & Goliath Day and more 048
David & Goliath Day and more 057And, this little onlooker thought it was HILARIOUS! He would belly laugh with every fight of the sword. David & Goliath Day and more 053Then we played a little game with 5 stones spelling David’s name. We put Goliath’s stone in the middle of a taped off square, and then we’d get five chances to slide the stones in the square to try to knock Goliath out! David & Goliath Day and more 065
David & Goliath Day and more 067
David & Goliath Day and more 068And, soon after, Quinn wanted to fight some more. … And, Nash wanted to eat Goliath! David & Goliath Day and more 069It was a truly great day. Quinn loved the fun activities…and I loved spending so much quality time with my sweet love. And, of course, we all got the message that Goliath was the BIG loser!David & Goliath Day and more 083


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Holy cow, Jagger is OBSESSED with David and Goliath (and I've acted it out with him at least 1,000x - super fun while preggo! Mercy) .... Where oh where can I get the action figures you think? Was there a brand name? We might be digging deeper with this too.... Great ideas.

Jenn-Neal said...

I'd like to get my daughter the Bible that you had for Quinn before his new "Action Bible." I really want to get her into the Word more and out of just her story Bibles. Can you tell me the name of it please?
Jenn Neal

ThePoeFam said...

Paige, Click on the "action figure" words to see the link. And, I got them at Mardel! ...

Jenn, He has the Adventure Bible. It's really "too old" for him, but I just wanted him to have a "real" Bible, too!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Well how did I miss that? Mercy! Thank you!

Erin said...