Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

I must admit that the recap of Christmas day stresses me. Slickpaw took 400 pictures that I had to go through…and I had hundreds too. And, to accurately document the moments and memories requires me posting LOTS of those pictures!!!  So…without further adieu…here is my recap of Christmas Day 2010…

It all started at about 7:00, with little Nash waking us with his happy noises. I fed him before the busyness of the day began…and I thanked God for sending Jesus as a baby. Since Quinn was born, I feel such compassion for Mary. And, I can only imagine how she must have felt holding her baby. The King of Kings!!! But, still HER baby. It’s almost too much to comprehend.

In the quiet of the morning, we saw that Santa had come and had eaten MOST of his cookies & peanut butter ball…and most of the milk was gone. He also apparently used the flash light that Quinn had left outside for him…just in case it was too dark for him to see! :) Cute!

Christmas 2010 014 On top of that, he had left EVERYTHING they had asked for. Quinn had a Batcave and a Joker Cave waiting for him…and Nash’s cool house was there too. So fun! Christmas 2010 020And, after waiting, and playing with Nash…we finally got impatient and went in to wake up Quinn. The excitement was too much for us to bear…Christmas 2010 026  I love Quinn’s face as he discovers that Santa had come. I think it was a similar face last year.
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 162Then, it was time to enjoy the findings…and open stockings. And, of course, we checked out Santa’s cookies and the Reindeer’s food and water outside. Crazy enough, the water was tinted red. Rudolph MUST have taken a drink!Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 179
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 171
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 195
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 188
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 184   
  Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 201   Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 222

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 223

Christmas 2010 033
After what seemed like forever, it was time to start the REAL gift opening.
The first gift was Mammer & Slickpaw’s annual plate. They ask for it every year! :) … And, I loved adding two little piggies on it this year!…
Christmas 2010 036

Christmas 2010 037

And, on with more…and more…and more…{some pictured…lots not pictured…we are blessed…}…

My cute “POEFAM” hooks…

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 257

   One of Matt’s Gift Cards to Dick’s…

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 259

My precious wall hanging from my hubby. Just read it!!!…Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 264

  Dad’s nose picture page for his scrapbook…Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 265

Nash opening his present from Quinn. I love how he’s looking at his big brother…

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 268

    Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 274

Quinn was the sweetest big brother. Showing Nash all of his gifts and getting so excited about each one for his baby brother.  Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 283

A few of my favorite things…this darling “Jesus Loves Me” wall hanging and my AMAZING Erin  Condren planner! It’s perfect and makes me so happy!!!… Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 317Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 321
Matt’s new putter…lovely wrapping, Slickpaw! :) …

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 329

   More cool soccer stuff…

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 334

Quinn was so excited about his gift from Nash: LOTS Of Super Hero Squad guys!!!… Christmas 2010 040 Christmas 2010 043
I love this view of our morning!!!…Christmas 2010 051

    Slickpaw wanted a TV tray…but we made it special! The buns are Q’s feet…and the patty is Nash’s!…he loved it! … Christmas 2010 063

Quinn’s last gift to open was his trunk FULL of cool costumes! Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 354

Then it was time to model… 
    Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 359 Christmas 2010 075

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 363After 4 hours of opening gifts, it was time to get lunch going. Mammer and I made the “soup buffet” and we all enjoyed a late lunch…except Nash…he was asleep…so he missed out on the silly paper crowns from our traditional crackers…  
Christmas 2010 081 Christmas 2010 087 
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 377

Christmas 2010 097

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 384

Christmas 2010 095
After lunch, we skyped Nana & Pawpaw! …And, later, we skyped again to find out that Aunt Boogie is going to have a GIRL! … We were sad we couldn't all be together…but happy we got to see everyone’s faces…
Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 289

Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 292
     The day was full…and wonderful! We stayed in our jammies ALL day and just enjoyed being together! And, at the end of it all, we were worn out. Slickpaw's Christmas 2010 326No matter how busy Christmas makes us, I love it so…and look forward to getting to do it all over again next year. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


Jill said...

I LOVE Skor bars, too, and get them in my stocking every year. Mmmm! Of course, I always shout, "Score!!!"

Kelli said...

Do you like the Erin Condren planner better than the mom agenda?????

ThePoeFam said...

Jilly, That is so funny! I read your comment to my husban...made him laugh! :)...

Kelli, I loved my MomAgenda but think I will love it more when I have lots of kids in sports/school/activities. I just didn't really need all of the space. The Erin Condren is just SOOOO cheerful...and personalized...which I LOVE!!!! I heard about it from Annalee!? Did she love it?