Monday, October 25, 2010

Is it COLD yet?

Oct 22-25 025Hurry up COLD WEATHER!
This Momma is tired of lugging around her 17+ pound baby and sweating!
We’re all ready for jeans and sweatshirts and toboggans!
And fires in the fire place!
We’re even cranking up the AC and pretending it’s cold just so we can enjoy the yummy chocolaty-ness!
I am SO OVER 80 and 90 degree days at the end of October!
Mark my words…I can’t wait to be COLD! Oct 22-25 022 Oct 22-25 024  Oct 22-25 026


Jennifer said...

Me too! I put my ingredient list together for hot chocolate a few weeks ago and then I just couldn't bring myself to buy it because it is still so stinkin' hot in Houston! I am assuming you have Annalee's hot chocolate recipe. It is to die for!!!

Marissa said...

here in Houston we're dealing with 90+ too...ughhh we're ready for winter and hot chocolate too :)