Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quinn’s Lunches: Week 3

We just finished another fun week of making lunches for my big school boy! Next week,I’m commissioning Matt to draw some cool things with our new food markers. So, stay tuned! And, don’t forget to order your Easy Lunchboxes while the tote is still FREE!!!

Lunch #1: Since it was picture day, a “smiley” lunch was appropriate. The letters are Wilton candy letters and the fruit snacks are smiles from Wal-Mart. 3 and a half and FCC 20 years 036Lunch #2: A little random, but fun. Q LOVED the tortilla, turkey and cheese stick snails and his Minion rings from Despicable Me. 3 and a half and FCC 20 years 043Lunch #3: Letter of the Week was “E!”  So, I made these fun “eggs on a grill” (I used gummies for the yellow part instead of Smarties…Matt thought they were eggs & bacon…that works too!) …I used the E’s from the Scrabble Cheese-itz…and I attempted to draw an elephant! I also made a little tortilla, cheese and turkey E sandwich and added an Elmo pick. (picture from one of Quinn’s coloring books!)

jammie brothers 031
jammie brothers 034
jammie brothers 036


Jen said...

So creative!!!

Kim said...

Your lunches are so adorable and creative! I'm dying to put fun little notes in my son's lunch but he's 5 and can't read yet. Does Quinn read or does the teacher read them to him?

Kylie said...

Such cute ideas! What is the white part for the "eggs"?

ThePoeFam said...

The white part is white chocoate! :)