Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrating 20 Years!

On Sunday, we had the privilege of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our church. It was so fun to worship outside with my family and to honor Pastor Randy for all of his years of hard work…and for staying true to his church for 20 years. Matt and I have been happy to call it our church home for 7 years…since he was hired by the church less than 3 months after we got married!

It has been the place where I learned (and am still learning) to be a pastor’s wife.
Where we grew (and continue to grow) as a Mr. and Mrs.
Where we have built amazing friendships.
And where we celebrated the pregnancy and birth of our two precious boys.

We love our church and are so thankful that God has grown us so much while being a part of it. Here’s to even more happy memories, precious friendships and growth in our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. 3 and a half and FCC 20 years 010
Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 018
Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 019
    Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 032 Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 039
Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 044

Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 046

Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 051

3 and a half and FCC 20 years 006
    3 and a half and FCC 20 years 009 3 and a half and FCC 20 years 020
3 and a half and FCC 20 years 027

3 and a half and FCC 20 years 035

Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 061

Slickpaw's Pics 9.24-26 072


Kelly Polizzi said...

oh my goodness, I just had to stop by and say what a beautiful, adorable and cute little baby boy! They are both just gorgeous! You are blessed. I have to follow now lol

Lainey-Paney said...

Looks like fun!