Monday, August 09, 2010

Nash: One Month Old

Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 089My Sweet Mr. Man,
I can’t decide if this first month of your life went fast or slow. In one hand, being in the hospital and hearing your plastic bassinet roll in for feedings in the middle of the night seems just like yesterday! But, in the other, I can’t seem to be able to count the memories that have been made with you as a part of our family!

Regardless of how the time has passed, I can be sure when I say that it has been precious! You fit right in our family and we all love you to pieces. I mean…how couldn’t we!?! There’s so much to love!!…ALL 11 lbs. 8 oz. of you! :)
Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 067 Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 070
The thing that amazes me the most about you is that I feel like I can already pinpoint exactly what kind of teenager you’re going to be! You are SUCH a boy!!! I’ve been tee teed on SO many times already and your burps and toots would rival any man! We laugh at how you even smell like a boy…even after a bath! You get super sweaty…especially when you’re mad! And, your grunts are hilarious too…so loud and such a deep little raspy sound! On top of that, you are SOOOO strong. You’ve held up your little head from day one and PUSH off so hard with your feet! (Makes me know that I wasn’t crazy when I talked about how strong your kicks were in my tummy!) Quinn ran to me one day to tell me that you were trying to crawl!!! He was so proud! See!?…SUCH a boy! Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 076But, underneath all of that boy is the most cuddly little thing. You love to snuggle and nuzzle in. I’ll be shocked if you aren’t affectionate. You’re also starting to smile. It’s precious in every way…and, even though we know you’re happy, it’s fun to see it on your face. I wish someone could take a picture of us seeing you when you try so hard to show us that million dollar grin! I’m sure we look ridiculous, but it makes us so very happy!!!

When it comes to sleep, you’re still in that precious sleepy faze. You definitely prefer to sleep on your tummy,though…either in your bassinet on on your playmat. Of course, you also love to sleep in our arms…and we can’t resist holding you as you sleep!

Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 095

When it comes to sleep for Mommy and Daddy, you’re doing pretty good. {Don’t tell, but Mommy handles lack of sleep MUCH better than Daddy does! :)} I’ll feed you around 11 and you’ll sleep in your bassinet until around 2 or 3. Then, I’ll feed you once more and you’ll sleep until 6 something. It gives me about 6 hours total. It’s manageable, but I’ll be super excited when you start going a little longer between feedings at night.

Speaking of feedings, you’re a great eater! Such a chunky monkey! Mamma must have done something right this time, because your brother didn’t chunk up like this! I’m so happy that you’re healthy! Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 080At such a tiny little age, you have already formed some pretty big opinions!
Here are some things you’d give a “thumbs down” to…

diaper and clothes changes,
not eating every 3 hours,
when we put you on your back,
when I make you let go of my hair!

Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 098But, a big “thumbs up” would be in order for…

sleeping on your tummy,
being held,
your “that” (especially your wubbanub),
kisses on the lips,
and, of course,
your big brother, Quinn!
Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 091And I have my own “thumbs up” list…I love to snuggle with you! I love it when you get that twitch {like when you tickle a puppy dog’s foot} just like you did in my tummy! I love it when you smile in your sleep! I love to pray for you…and love to hear Quinn pray for you every night! I love that I can console you better than anyone else! And, I love it when you lock in on my eyes and stay there for a while! It melts me!

You are such a sweet baby! It’s hard to believe that you’re mine. Everything seems a little easier this time around, so I don’t want to just do the day to day things and forget to notice how tiny (relatively!? ha.) and precious you are! I want to soak in every moment that I can…and never forget how you fit so easily in my arms and in my lap…And, I want you to know…after only 1 sweet little month of knowing you…that I love you more than words!

Your Mommy

Copy_of_one_month_057 Molly,Bro Bath, 1 month and more 095

  Quinn Davis Poe Nash Baylor Poe
Weight 9 lbs. 4 oz. (50%) 11 lbs. 8 oz. (92%)
Height 21.5 inches (50-60%) 22 inches (75%)
Head 14.8 inches (50%) 15 inches (60%)
Squeezable YES!



Jill said...

Absolutely precious!

kristin fulghum said...

he is such a chunk. so adorable!

Shelly, Baron, Charlie and Stella said...

Your boys are so so cute! What beautiful pics