Saturday, August 14, 2010

“Having a baby can feel like winning the lottery, getting everything you wanted for Christmas, and falling in love all wrapped into one.” ~Unknown

My sweet friend, Jessica, continues to capture the most priceless moments for my family! She was at the hospital moments after we took Nash to our postpartum room and took these amazing pictures…capturing just how much we already loved our newest little family member! (and capturing my tired, puffy, ‘just had a baby’ look!…I had NO idea I was in the background of most of these pics!!!…but I love how in LOVE I am looking at my first love and newest love!)  I will, once again, forever be grateful for these memories!!! {And, just wait until you see the newborn pics she took at our house…BE STILL MY HEART!!!…they’re too good!!} Nash's Birthday 258

Nash's Birthday 261

Click on “View Full Album” above to see all of my faves that she took on that amazing day!!! Can I just say that I LOVE having babies!!!


Jill said...

Amazing...beautiful...amazingly beautiful!

Nominate someone or something in need said...

You look so put together after having a BABY!!! so impressed!!! beautiful pictures:)))) precious family!