Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Firsts are fun! And, now-a-days we’ve had a bunch of them! Check out some of the great ones…
I braved having a friend over for the FIRST time since Nash’s arrival! And, thankfully, the boys did great…it even gave me a bit of a break. And, how cute are these two best buddies in their matching outfits…that were completely UN-planned, by the way! Good buddies (and mommies) think alike! :) …

Cruse, Farmers Market and more 003

  Cruse, Farmers Market and more 006 Cruse, Farmers Market and more 009  Cruse, Farmers Market and more 011 On Sunday, August 22nd, Nash went to church for the first time. He had been on Wednesdays and for some fun events, but this was his first Sunday morning! It was fun to be back to church as a family and to have everyone ooh and ahh over our chubber! And, I must admit that holding a baby through worship is one of my most favorite things in the world!end of August 002

end of August 006On Monday the 30th, Nash had his FIRST bottle…and Quinn finally got to feed Nash for the first time. It’s something he’s looked forward to since before Nash was born…and it was a priceless first for me to experience! (and a much needed break from being the one feeding that baby love!) …2 ounces were gone in NO time!firsts 008

firsts 002 firsts 003       firsts 005 firsts 006     
And look how happy our Mr. Man was after a super full tummy!…He kills me!!!…firsts 010  Then, on Monday evening, Quinn had his first Wolverine soccer practice. It’s going to be a  hilariously cute season!!! And, I melted watching Daddy & Q at practice. There was lots of celebrating! We can’t wait for the first game!…firsts 013 soccer soccer2

          firsts 015 firsts 016

firsts 018

  And, most importantly, Nash is napping in his crib (usually twice a day) and starting to sleep longer at night! Last week, he slept 5 straight hours for the first time. And, since then, we’ve  consistently gotten 5 hours of sleep and then 3 more after a feeding! Woooo Hooo! I feel like a new woman!
end of August 013Speaking of sleep…last night Quinn slept from 9:00 p.m. to 9:15 a.m. I was SHOCKED and it was definitely a first! Soccer just wore him out, I guess!

More sleep makes EVERYONE happy!!!…47809_1528525849839_1135473672_1565295_818886_n And, we have lots of firsts on the horizon…
Quinn’s first soccer game and his first day of preschool are right around the corner!!!… As well as Nash’s first time to sleep through the night! (wishful thinking can’t hurt, right?!)


The Myers said...

I think I remember seeing a post for a silhouette that you made of Quinn. Just thinking it would be a fun gift for Grandparents Day. Do you remember where it was? I searched through your blog a bit and can't find it. Thanks so much. -Amanda

Mary said...

Sweet post as usual. You won the purse! Excited for you! I LOVE it.