Friday, August 06, 2010

Big Brother Moments: Nash’s 1st Month

Shannon's Shower and More 067As I work on writing Nash’s first month letter, I thought I’d share some of the priceless things that Big Brother Quinn said/did during Nash’s first month of life. He has truly blown us away with his love for his baby!

On Nash’s birthday, while we were in the hospital, Mammer was saying prayers with Quinn. When she reminded him to pray for Nash, he said, “I don’t want to pray for Nash! I want him to be here!”

Quinn often tells me to “be gentle” when I burp Nash by holding him under his chin. I guess he thinks it hurts him and he doesn't like it.

When Nash was sad in the car, Quinn said…all on his own…”I’m sorry…I cant reach him to give him his that! I’m so sorry!” Leave it to Quinn to apologize for something that isn’t his fault.

Sometimes when Nash is upset,  Quinn will say, “I got an idea! Ill fix it!” Then he’ll find him a passy or run to his room to get him a blanket!

The first time I really got ready after we got home from the hospital was when we were taking Nash to the doc at 4 days old. When I came out of the bedroom, Quinn looked at me and said, “You look so pretty in that dress, Mommy!” If only he knew how much I needed that! Due to the sweetness (and the hormones), it made me cry! :)

“I like him better out of your tummy!”

When I was holding Nash, Q said, “He loves you so much, Mommy. Look at how he’s huggin’ you!”

One evening when Nash was REALLY screaming, Quinn was watching a show. It’s moments like those that I expect Quinn to get super annoyed with his baby brother because I can promise that there’s NO way he could hear the T.V. But, instead, he walks up to me and said, “Maybe I can fix it. Let me hold him!” When I let him, he just hugged him and sang him songs. Sadly, the screaming didn’t stop, but it was priceless!

“Mommy let me see your tummy!” (pause while looking) “Oh…it is getting really smaller!” Oh how I love this boy!!!

And, here are things we hear almost daily…
”Hi baby brother!”
“It’s ok, Little Mister!” (pronounced Meester)
"I’m still your baby, Mommy!”
“I love him!”
“Where’s Nash?”
“Can I hold him! I’ll go get the boppy!”
“Was Nash a good sleeper?”
”I love you, Nash!”
“Don’t be sad! Quinn and Mommy are right here!”
“Awwww! He’s so cute!”
“Look at his little feet!!!…he’s so tiny!”

Quinn is truly the DREAM big brother! Sure he’s tested us a little bit in this first month of his baby brother’s life, but he has never once gotten annoyed with or talked negatively about Nash! It’s impressive to me! He just loves him so and wants to do anything and everything he can to make sure he’s happy! I love his compassionate heart SO very much and I can’t wait to watch their relationship continue to grow closer with each passing month!

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What a sweet, sweet post about a sweet, sweet boy!