Saturday, July 24, 2010

PoeFam…Party of 4!!!

This weekend, we did lots of stuff as thePoeFam4! I love loading all of us in the car and being out and about…just the four of us!

First of all, on Thursday night, we went to the mall and put some mileage on the double stroller for the first time! Sadly, Nash wasn’t wanting to ride…and Quinn was in and out…so most of the time we were pushing around an empty double stroller…but it was still fun! We shopped a little and ate at the food court.

Then, on Friday morning (since Q was up at 6:15), we got ready and headed out for donuts. Nash slept through the outing, but the rest of us enjoyed our ‘healthy’ breakfast! Such a fun morning!!!…
Dunkin Donuts 7.23 001 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 005 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 007 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 008 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 010 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 016Dunkin Donuts 7.23 015  Dunkin Donuts 7.23 018 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 019 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 021 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 024 Dunkin Donuts 7.23 025  
On Friday night, the four of us went to Pastor Randy’s 60th Birthday celebration and Nash’s first party! He slept for most of the party…but looked cute doing it.

And then on Saturday, we had a family lunch date at McDonald’s (Quinn’s choice) and them to the store to grab some necessities. After that, we came home and we all four napped at the same time.

It may not be anything fancy, but it was fun because it was the FOUR of us!

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RMRR said...

The simple things are the most special!