Friday, July 16, 2010

Nash: 1 week old

Dear Nash Baylor Poe,
You are here…and have blessed us with your precious presence for a week now. I’m amazed (as I knew I would be) at how much I love you. When we’re alone, I look at you and cry.  I’m in awe of the miracle of you and am so thankful that you’re perfect in every way.

In just one week’s time, I have fallen in love with your hilarious grunts and sleeping smiles. I have prayed for you and talked to you. We have cuddled and slept…and stayed up, too. We have rocked and sung songs…we have taken hundreds of pictures and let your Big Brother hold you more times than we could count. I have watched you sleep…and had a hard time pulling my eyes away as you dream.

I think you’re beautiful. I think you look like your brother…but even more like your Daddy! Time will tell.
So, for now, I’m going to love this insanely precious cuddly time…and the fact that you’ll sleep anywhere…and I’m going to keep loving you more every day!
Your Mommy
{You can’t say that you’re “0” for long! :) Here’s our 1 week photo shoot…and, hopefully, in the months to come, he’ll become a bigger fan of his “N!” ha.}1 eek old 0111 eek old 0221 eek old 008   1 eek old 0261 eek old 0291 eek old 020 1 eek old 006   1 eek old 030 1 eek old 031 1 eek old 036  1 eek old 044   more 1 week 014 more 1 week 016 more 1 week 011


The Buchanan Family said...

he is precious in everyway! Congrats again.

kristin fulghum said...

what a cute little chub a dub!

Kimberly said...

sure does make me want to have a newborn again. shhh. don't tell benjie! :)

he's adorable and that picture of quinn with him brings back so many memories of my creighter bug with griffy. one year ago in three weeks. i'm just shocked at how fast it goes even the second time around. cherish.

Brianna said...

He is gorgeous!

Janine said...

Congratulations on your new little cutie Nash! I just recently found your blog and I love your ideas for kids. So creative. Thanks.

P.S. Your song playlist rocks!

Jill said...

Precious, and ditto Janine on your playlist!