Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To my sweet Nash Baylor Poe…

Here it is…Nash’s first letter! :) (I wrote a letter to Quinn the week that he was born and love that it portrays my feelings before I knew him!) It was fun to write but did make me quite emotional! …especially when I was telling him about his amazing big brother! … But, it has been such a fun journey carrying him in my tummy. Looking back, I’m shocked at how LONG I’ve been pregnant and how TINY Quinn was when we found out! If you have nothing better to do, and want to reminisce with me, click here to see all of the posts about sweet Nashhere to see all of the posts about the Big Bro-to-beand here to see all of my “Dear Pregnancy” letters! I’m anxious to meet our littlest love so very soon!!!!…IMG_0004_thumb[1]To my sweet Nash Baylor Poe,

I truly can’t believe that in less than a week, I will be holding you in my arms! Part of me feels that it is even more surreal than when your big brother was almost here. And, I think that’s because I know what is to come. I know how much I am about to love you…and how, in only holding you for seconds, the thought of you not being a part of our family will feel like the distant past.BIG_NEWS_thumb[4]BIG_BRO_012_thumb[1]Even though you have given me some fits during this 9 month journey, there are things that I’ll miss about carrying you in my tummy. From the moment we found out that you were on the way, we were ALL three so very excited. We couldn’t wait for Quinn to understand that he was going to be a BIG BROTHER! And, it didn’t take him long! He would talk about you and to you all of the time and, even though there was no visible bump, seemed to know that you were resting and growing perfectly in my tummy! He’d always get really close and tell you that he loved you! I know you’d hear him!!! … But, I’ll miss feeling you move and talking you through your violent hiccups. I’ll miss dreaming about what it will be like to know you and planning all of the silly details for your arrival. I’ll miss the hundreds of questions and comments I get about who you are and when you’re coming. And, I’ll miss preparing your Big Brother for what is coming his way. But, obviously, even though I love being pregnant, having you here will greatly outshine ALL of those things!
I'm_Preggo_006[3]  MoreChristmasSnowandNoonYears025_thu Lowe's_with_M&S,_16_week_belly,_Mammers_bday_032_thumb[2]   20_weeks_and_verses_006_thumb[2]
And, I must admit that I’m ready. I do feel like I’ve been pregnant for a LONG time…and it felt like FOREVER before we found out that we were going to get to re-use all of Quinn’s cool clothes and shoes! My mommy intuition was wrong…because I was pretty sure that you were going to be a girl. But, the sonogram quickly showed us differently! And, my excitement for Quinn to have a brother was through the roof. Within a few days, we were telling people that your name was going to be Nash! And, a few months later, we completely settled on Nash Baylor Poe. We love it and think it’s such a beautiful (and super cool) name! People seem to really like it when we tell them…and, we think it sounds great with your brother’s name! We hope you always love it as much as we do! …It just seems to “fit” you already!
IMG_0005_thumb[1]30th_birthday_&_baby_reveal!_076_thumb[1] 30th_birthday_&_baby_reveal!_081_thumb[2]
  I’m super anxious to see your face and kiss the little toes that have kicked me more times than I’d ever be able to count. I’m dying to know if you’ll have your Daddy’s tan skin or your Mommy’s hazel eyes. (since Quinn didn’t get either one!) I want to see if you look just like your big brother or if people will always wonder how the two of you could be related! Regardless, I’m sure you’ll be beautiful in every way.
Even more than your appearance, I can’t wait to see your personality! People always talk about how different siblings always are…and it’s something I can’t wait to find out! It’s true that you have been very different from Quinn in my tummy, but I wonder if that will translate when you’re in our arms. My prayer is that you’re healthy (of course), happy and at least share your brother’s tender heart. Other than that, I’m curious to see how alike/different the two of you really are! He was quite the Momma’s boy from the start! Will you be? He never took to a lovey. Will you have a favorite? He loved veggies at first and will hardly touch them now. Will you eat everything in sight? He cuddled so tightly. We hope you do too!…It’s all going to be so fun to see!
24_week_belly_005_thumb[1] more_H,_28_weeks_035_thumb[2]32weeksNashsShower014_thumb2 Slickpaw's_Camera_June-ish_2010_122_thumb[1]
Even though I can’t wait to meet you, I’m even more excited for you to get to know your Daddy. He’s excited to get a taste of the personality I feel that I’m already quite aware of me. Trust me what I say that you are going to love him deeply. He is the most fun Daddy around and will make you laugh so easily. In watching him, you will be watching such an amazing man of God…and my prayer is that you follow in his footsteps. I can’t wait to watch him bond with you in the same way that he has with Quinn…and I know he’s excited to do so many cool “boy things” with both of you! I guess it just means more “Mommy time” for me!Mother's Day Weekend Slickpaw's Camear 159 Mother's Day Weekend Slickpaw's Camear 162But, more than anything, I can’t wait for you to meet you precious big brother! I find it hard to put words to how lucky you are going to be to have him in your life from the very beginning. He is so precious to us and is going to teach you so many things. I hope and pray that you listen to him as he shows you everything he’s learned in his 3 years and 3 months of life. Even though I know it won’t always be easy and perfect, I can’t wait to watch your friendship form. I’m so excited to be proud of the relationship that the two of you will share and look forward to living through you both as you experience the sibling relationship that I never had. It’s going to be so very sweet to me!
Father's Day, Toy Story 3, start of Swim Lessons 052My baby love…here is our prayer from Ephesians 3:16-19 for you & your brother…
{We} pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your heart as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.  And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.863302752_img_2212edit_thumb3 ArchwayColor_thumb2We can’t wait to know you…we can’t wait to love you in a way that we don’t quite yet understand…we can’t wait to look in your eyes and have you in our arms! And, we hope and pray that you never doubt just how much we have loved and cherished you from the moment we found out you were going to be a part of our precious family! Thank you for letting me experience the miracle of carrying you in my tummy…and know that you have a bunch of anxious people waiting to sing “Happy Birthday” to you for the very first time!
Your “Boy Crazy” MommyCopyofLooking_thumb3


twinkietotmom said...

I'm a rather new follower of yours but love, love, love your blog! I think your son is adorable and love the names you have for him & his baby brother-to-be! I also love their super cool rooms!

The bond between siblings is amazing. You will love watching how much Quinn is going to love his little brother, and how much little Nash will adore his big brother. I think that is my most favorite part of parenting thus far...watching my kids together (at least so far! They are only 32 months and 10 months...we'll see if they always love each other this much five years from now! Ha!)

What I love most about this letter to baby Nash is not only seeing how much your belly grew from 5 weeks...but how much Quinn grew since then as well! Amazing what 9 months can do!

Good luck with your labor & delivery! Can't wait to see this baby boy!

Erin said...

What a beautifuk letter! I teared up reading it because I just found out I am pregnant and my sin is Quinn's age. This is such a soecial time for you and your family. Congratulations!

Hayley said...

Love, love, love this. And to think that one day, he will one day read this as a man...oh my word, thats enough to make me cry.

Jenn said...

This will be something you child will cherish for the rest of his life. What a great idea! Someday, if I ever get blessed with a baby of my own, I will do the same thing. Thank you for sharing!

Austyn said...

Wow you are truly beautiful! Your family is too cute! I love your prayer for the boys such wonderful verses out of the many wonderful verses the Bible has! I read your blog hoping and praying that one day i will be able to find a wonderful christian husband that i can have a family with! Just like you have! :)