Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Roommate

More Swim Lessons, Daddy's 33rd, Nash's Room, and More 004 I wanted to introduce you to our new roommate…Mammer! This WHOLE week, Mammer stayed at our house. Daddy got a last minute opportunity to speak at a camp for a week and just didn’t feel comfortable leaving his VERY pregnant wife at home with a VERY busy 3 year old! So, with no convincing needed, Mammer came to the rescue! Sure, she’ll be back in less than 2 weeks to stay for WHO knows how long…but, this was an opportunity for her to spend some quality time with her “sweet lamb” and to take care of me!!!

Needless to day, we are so appreciative. There were numerous times that I wasn’t sure what I would have done if she hasn’t been here! So, thank you Mammer, for taking a week out of your summer to play, clean, spoil us with meals, play, run errands, pick up toys, go to swim lessons, play, shop, let me rest…and, did I mention, PLAY!

At one point, when Quinn asked Mammer to play, she said “in a minute” because she was eating. Quinn responded with, “But, Mammer, you always want to play with me!”

He loves her so! And so do we!!! See you soon, Mammer…and, the next time you come, we’ll be ready to introduce you to another little man to love! :)

{P.S. A big thank you to Slickpaw, too. He doesn’t enjoy being away from her at all…and especially not for so long! I also think he was a bit jealous of all of the Quinn time Mammer was getting…but, we are so glad that he understood!…He was very glad to see her when he came to pick her up and celebrate Matt’s birthday!}More Swim Lessons, Daddy's 33rd, Nash's Room, and More 033Matt's Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 043Matt's Birthday, Slickpaw's Camera 045

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Mary said...

Your parents are the cutest couple! So sweet. I couldn't do it without my momma either. Love grandmothers!