Monday, June 07, 2010

Mommy & Nash’s Doctor Visit: Photo Journalism by Quinn

Today started the every week appointments for Nash and me! Can you even believe it? We’re coming down the home stretch, for sure! And, since Daddy couldn’t make it (he makes EVERY appointment, so he was SUPER sad), Quinn documented the event! He took his OH SO PROFESSIONAL camera and snapped away during the entire experience. …Cracked me up! …What a little photo journalist I have on my hands!!!…
And here is his commentary…
Quinn’s comments are in blue. Mommy’s are in purple! :)

That’s Mommy and that’s me! We were takin’ a picture at Dr. Webster’s. Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 001
That’s Mommy…you looked at me and I took your picture. But, what did it do. Did that picture get off?

I was not thrilled that the wait was SUPER long today. Here I am talking to Matt on the phone telling him that he should be glad he didn’t make it today. He didn’t agree. And, I must admit that I would have loved his help with my very busy 3 year old. Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 010That’s Quinn…I was ‘cheesin’ and I was drawing.
Thankfully we picked up new markers and a notebook right before the appointment. It kept Q occupied for a good while!
  Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 011 Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 012
I took that picture of Mommy and Nash.
Lovely. I do think it’s precious that you can see Quinn taking my picture in the mirror behind me! :) Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 004Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 014 I took a picture of my motorcycle. It’s my purple motorcycle.
Here’s one of the 10 pics we had of Quinn’s motorcycle. Another life saver during our wait! Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 016 
And, that’s Mommy. You’re talking to Dr. Webster about me.
Funny that I don’t think the doc and I were talking about Quinn, but whatever! :) Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 017 That’s Mommy with Dr. Webster…and we’re hearing Nash’s heartbeat.
It’s sweet to me that he took this. He always likes hearing his baby brother’s heart. Mommy & Nash's Doctor by Q 018


Mary said...

Love his perspective. While you're likely talking about heartbeats and measurements he is talking about his motorcycle :)

Laura said...

Cute! Been thinking of you having that baby anyday now! I am so excited for you to meet Nash and fall in love with another baby! I didn't truly know it was possible but it is amazing how your heart grows for another little person, our God is too amazing! Love you!