Monday, May 03, 2010

A winner?!

After WAY too much research/internet browsing on this SILLY crib, I think that we may have found a winner. And, it's not even pictured in the post below! What do y'all think?!...
I love the rounded corners and the cool/modern look! And, the price is right!!! :)

But, in all honestly, when someone commented and left the idea for this crib I fell IN LOVE!!!! BUT, the $1300 price tag made me look elsewhere! Is it not DARLING though!?!?

The "fragile" part might be the cutest thing I've ever seen...and, if the side of Nash's crib is able to be seen when we decide it's place in the room, I MIGHT have to steal this idea! :)


Megan White said...

aw I'm sorry about the orange crib. When I posted about that I didn't even check the price because really... $1300 for a crib?? How can that even be logical?? However I am glad you found a crib that you love. :) Maybe someone will copy DucDuc at a MUCH lower cost before baby three comes along. :)

Brianna said...

So cute, love the crib you picked! Setting up the nursery makes it so much more real another baby will be in the house soon! Can't wait to see pictures of Nash's room all put together- I know you will do a fabulous job.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my post- I don't think we will hit 8 kids but God has made me eat my words many times over! We have a real heart for adoption and had planned to adopt even before we had any kids- and I totally have the baby bug!