Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cherishing Our Only Child: Reason Three

Because I know that when a baby is in the house, quiet moment like these will become more and more rare. …Life at Home, Working on Nash's room 002 Life at Home, Working on Nash's room 001 {Cuddling in bed one morning…watching Little Bill…while Quinn took frequent breaks to love on and sing to his baby brother!}

And, tonight, I don’t know if my heart was extra tender or if my sweet love was just extra sweet, but I got things like…
”Mommy, will you please come cuddle with me!” …as he drug a blanket and pillow into Nash’s room to present his request!
”Mommy, please lay down and sleep with me for a little bit…and a little bit longer!”…when I was putting him to bed.

I must admit that the tears were free falling. I love him so very much it hurts!!!

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Brianna said...

So sweet! I soak up every cuddle I can!