Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter of the Week: H

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Bless his heart! You would have thought he had won the lottery when I told him we were gong to do a Letter of the Week! It had been A MONTH sense we had done one…birthday, Easter, Nash’s room, etc. just got in the way! But, better late than never! I’ve OBVIOUSLY come to grips with the fact that we are going to get NO WHERE NEAR all 26 letters before Nash’s arrival! But, as Mammer said, “the letters will still be there after he’s born!”             11496266_02a22c38ac is for


hot dog*heart*hand

We started the week with his special H lunch! He seriously would do flips if he could when I tell him he’s getting a “special lunch!” It’s so cute! And, I had fun making this one…

a hand sandwich, fruit on heart skewers, mini pepperonis in H’s, and a banana and cream cheese hot dog!!!…

letter H lunch, meals 001

…and my favorite…the happy face with silly hair and a hat! letter H lunch, meals 002 And, let’s just say, this boy was HUNGRY! Look at his plate after the meal! WOW! It made a mommy VERY happy! letter H lunch, meals 005 Our song/book by Frog Street Press this week was Hippo Hop…It drove Matt nuts! It is kind of an obnoxious song, but Quinn LOVES it! FST408T

The word hullaballoo was the part that annoyed Matt the most…and the fact that they say “hoochie, coochie, coo!” Even though we could easily guess the definition of “hullabaloo,” we honestly weren’t sure! So, I looked it up…

hullaballoo: noun
a clamorous noise or disturbance; uproar.

Seriously, I don’t think it’s a good thing like this song portrays!?

Then, we went on a little hat hunt. And, each hat had a heart inside with a capital or lowercase H. Quinn would run to sort them…and wear his hat as he hunted for more!!! 
 more H, 28 weeks 001more H, 28 weeks 006 more H, 28 weeks 003

   We tried to put all of the hats on at once, but it was harder than you’d think! :) more H, 28 weeks 007 Q did a little “H” search page! He was so proud of himself when he finished!!!more H, 28 weeks 009Mid week, Daddy took Quinn on a “Dude Date” to the “XC Dallas” (in Quinn’s words) game! Since Daddy is playing soccer and Q is SO into it, Matt knew they would have a great time! I snapped these pictures before they left. Aren’t they so handsome!!! more H, 28 weeks 011 more H, 28 weeks 013 more H, 28 weeks 014 more H, 28 weeks 015When they got there, the camera I packed him was out of battery! SO SAD! So, he got this one picture with his phone. It’s of them with Martellus Bennett  from the Dallas Cowboys! Sadly, I had no idea who he was when Matt excitedly called me to tell me about it! But, cool, none-the-less!
FC DallasMatt and Quinn both let me know that they had a great time at the game! Quinn was mesmerized by the game and by how far they could kick the ball! He also loved the FC Dallas mascot, Hooper! He got his own to bring home! Perfect for H week! And, he’s slept with him every night and nap since! end of H, start of B 009  While running around, Matt picked up this High Flying Glider for Quinn. Quinn quickly found the H on the package and was SUPER excited to try it out one morning with his Daddy. more H, 28 weeks 032  more H, 28 weeks 017 more H, 28 weeks 022 more H, 28 weeks 024 We did our H art activity…and Quinn put together the H this time! He did great!…more H, 28 weeks 025 more H, 28 weeks 026 Then, he chose red to stamp his hand all over the H. more H, 28 weeks 028 He thought it looked like Spider-Man’s hand! His imagination kills me!more H, 28 weeks 030 more H, 28 weeks 031  After going to check on Nash at the doctor and hearing a super strong heartbeat, the three of us headed to the hospital where Nash will be born. We showed Quinn around and talked about what was to come! He loved visiting the “h place.” hospital-sign more H, 28 weeks 040 We read lots of books that started with H this week. This was the favorite…6EAM0225…and it always included singing and doing the dance!!! Gotta love the Hokey Pokey!

One afternoon, we made homemade popsicles! And, the next day we tried to eat them but had a really hard time getting them out! ANY TIPS? They were still good all crushed up in a bowl!
more H, 28 weeks 041

One morning, Q and I went through old magazine and looked for H’s and pictures of things that started with H. I really tried to let him do it by himself and he did GREAT! After we cut them all out, he glued them on his page! We’ll do this activity again with other letters, for sure! 
end of H, start of B 001 end of H, start of B 004And, for the grand finale of H week, I made a little hamburger snack for my sweet love! Is it not the cutest thing EVER!?!…end of H, start of B 005 I used Nilla Wafers, a peppermint patty, green grapes and softened starbursts for the ketchup and mustard! It was a HIT!!!…
end of H, start of B 007And, my super happy boy enjoyed every bite!!!
end of H, start of B 008

Up next: Letter B


Jenny said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun "H" week!! Can't wait to start our letters of the week.

P.S. to get the popsicles out, run the plastic under hot water for a few seconds. that always works for us!

Lindsay said...

Try dipping the bottom of the container in a bowl of hot water. It will loosen them and they should come right out.

I love all of your sweet ideas and can't wait to use them when I'm a mom!

Laura said...

It was H week at our house too! I've resigned myself to taking two weeks with each letter and a few other crafts and such thrown in too. It keeps me from being too crazy about not getting a letter a week. Oh, I didn't like the Frog Press song this week- that "hoochie coochie" was too much for me. Luckily Jacob didn't like it either.

Sarah said...

These are such great ideas! I am trying to teach my sons their letters and you have some great ideas. Thanks!

Laura said...

Cute! We just did letter H, about to do I! I love your creativity. You need to get him a Happy Meal :)! Mmm, how is that baby in your belly?

A&W said...

Wow!!! So many great ideas!!! Did you teach pre-k, kinder?? In love with the hamburger!!

oh, and happy to see fc dallas on the blog. My hubby coaches for their girls select teams.