Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cheaters Never Win…Unless You’re THREE!

After getting all dolled up in a precious new outfit…and not being able to decide which Easter basket needed to come along…we were on our way to our church’s annual Easter Eggstravaganza! 
   Easter and More 2010 032 Easter and More 2010 033 Easter and More 2010 034 Just as last year, Quinn was SUPER excited to hunt eggs and play games! And, since he’s still one of the youngest to hunt, his group got to go soon after we arrived.

Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 072

As soon as Ms. Carol started counting for the kids to begin, Quinn was GONE!!! He definitely didn’t wait until the word “GO” and he (and his cheering in the background Daddy) was so proud of himself! … Stinkers! :) … Thankfully, everyone thought it was cute and didn’t tag him as a “cheater” quite yet!!!… My Little Cheater  Easter and More 2010 043Easter and More 2010 038  Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 080 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 081 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 084 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 085 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 086Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 089 Quinn hunted and hunted…filling up both of his baskets. But, after he’d get a few, he’d say, “That’s enough” and I’d have to remind him that it was ok to keep getting more! Sweet love!Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 093 After the hunt, it was time for the games…and my little non-daredevil had NO desire to do this BIG slide. Easter and More 2010 055But, after much deliberating whining convincing bribing, he {sort of} agreed. He protested the whole way up the steps! But, we felt it was time for him to conquer his fear. Good parenting? Bad parenting? Not sure! …
Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 103 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 104 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 105 Easter Slickpaw's Camera 2010 106 Anyway, after the trauma was over, he’d continue to say that it was his favorite part of the event. He talked about it off and on for days! :) Easter and More 2010 060 After the hunt, Matt had to stay and the rest of us headed out for lunch. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed being outside!Easter and More 2010 068 Easter and More 2010 071 Easter and More 2010 073 Easter and More 2010 077 Easter and More 2010 079 Easter and More 2010 087 Easter and More 2010 088 Easter and More 2010 091


Sharee Forman said...

Oh my goodness, this post made me laugh so many times!!! The "get ahead of the crowd" make a run for it dash to the easter eggs is the best! No remorse, I love it! I'm still laughing!

And the slide, I can totally see that being us one day, too funny!

Thanks for sharing some smiles today. :)

Kara Wilson said...

Oh, Brittney... what a PRECIOUS, precious picture of Quinn sitting on your cute belly!!! So sweet! I loved reading all your Easter posts today!!! :)