Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letter of the Week: S

Let’s just say that S week could go ON and ON and ONNN! There are so many things that start with S that are fun to do. So, after a week and a half, it was just time to call it quits! :) I’m afraid we’re not going to make it through all 26 before Nash gets here! S was a really fun letter though!!!!
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Here are some of the fun things we did with S…

We started the week with “S” things in our striped bag…Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 017 It contained Salty, Spencer, scissors, a straw, a spoon, a shoe with Spiderman and a star, a sock and a Stop sign!!! Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 018We sang SILLY SNAKE a bunch and read our book…cute one…FST419TQuinn then made his own Silly SnakeDucks, More S, etc. 020We played straw hockey. Such a quick and easy game…just take a cottonball and 2 straws…sit across from each other at a table and see who can WIN!  Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 019Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 024

Quinn then used the same slobbery straw to drink a yummy Strawberry Soda!!! Mommy’s preggo favorite! :) …Don’t worry, he gave me a sip! 
Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 021

On our 3rd day, we met Sarah and her sweet Virginia friend, Robin, for lunch. And, I told Sarah how excited Q was to see her because it was S week! :) Registering, Sarah, Mammer 004  Of course, she didn’t come empty handed! Look what she brought Quinn…SO CREATIVE and SWEET!!!…
Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 031And, after a fun lunch, we came home to nap, and then went on our date to Sonic! Quinn chose a Strawberry Smoothie….and, I got a Soda. (a diet coke with lime, to be exact!) Thank you, Sarah, for such a fun “sussy!”
Registering, Sarah, Mammer 007We had a few fun “S” breakfasts…
These S pancakes with sprinkles & syrup on our state plate. 

Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 025

Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 026 And, this Silly Snake surrounded by strawberries. Both were quickly devoured. Ducks, More S, etc. 019One evening, we made this yummy S’mores dessert! We enjoyed it over the next few days!!!Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 027And, on Friday night, we went on our field trip to Daddy’s first Soccer game! Quinn was SO excited and proudly wore his soccer shoes. He even got to play with the “big boys” a little before the game began. Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 036 But, once it did, we had a fun Silly Snack Mix and Soccer drink to keep us occupied. Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 032Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 043 Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 039Even though we didn’t walk away with a victory, it was fun…and we look forward to the season!… 
Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 055 Hallway, start of S, 1st Soccer Game, etc. 056

In the midst of S week, Mammer came to visit because she’s on Spring Break! Let’s just say that she spoiled my little guy with attention…and he loved spending time with her…and, being silly, of course! Registering, Sarah, Mammer 010

Registering, Sarah, Mammer 014

Registering, Sarah, Mammer 013 Registering, Sarah, Mammer 011 Registering, Sarah, Mammer 012 While cooking dinner one night, I got out all of the boxes in the recycling container in our pantry and told Quinn to cover every S with a dot sticker! Fun and free!!! He found so many!!!Ducks, More S, etc. 018 Ducks, More S, etc. 017 After dinner at Souper Salad on Monday, we decided to take our stale bread on a spontaneous trip to feed the ducks! Sadly, the ducks were stuck up and didn't want much to do with us! But, the sky was pretty! :) 
Ducks, More S, etc. 002   Ducks, More S, etc. 006 Ducks, More S, etc. 004Ducks, More S, etc. 008 And, while eating a sandwich one afternoon, my little man flashed me these eyes and THAT smile! SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!? I know he’s mine, but I think he’s stunning! How could I love him more?
Registering, Sarah, Mammer 008

Registering, Sarah, Mammer 009  A few things that were on my list that just didn’t get done were…
*Sock Sorting using all of his socks
*playing with Sand
*Going on a Silver Hunt around the house…looking for everything silver

And, P.S. I got a sweet sussy from my husband this week! I love surprises like this!!! :) Ducks, More S, etc. 021 Coming Next: Letter H


Jen said...

How fun! I love that your friend Sara joined in on the fun. :)

Joni said...
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Joni said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! And I love your blog;)

(Sorry, couldn't spell and had to delete my first post)

Jill said...

S-weet! :) And, I love what your friend, Sarah, did to add to the fun!