Wednesday, March 03, 2010

If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I'd have had them first. ~Lois Wyse

The past two weekends have been full of grandparent fun! And, I won’t complain! Having them here gives me a little break…because they play, they dress, and they help meet my busy {almost three year olds} many demands!

Two weekend ago it was Nana and Pawpaw. We had a great time just hangin’ out and doing some shopping…and Quinn loved going to the park with them! Check out these precious pictures that they took on their outing. Oh how my little man LOVES quality time…25416_1356352677633_1495971031_957385_2782573_n25416_1356353117644_1495971031_957387_7696452_n 25416_1356352557630_1495971031_957382_3063887_n 25416_1356352597631_1495971031_957383_7973330_n 25416_1356352637632_1495971031_957384_4045002_n  25416_1356352717634_1495971031_957386_7543513_n

Then, this past weekend Mammer and Slickpaw came in to town. Once again, it was a wonderful break for me and a way too fun time for Quinn. On Saturday, we hopped in Mom's Tahoe and headed to Canton. It was the PERFECT day for being outside and we enjoyed lots of “bad for you” food and lots of “junk hunting!” Slickpaw taught Quinn that that’s what we were doing and it was hilarious to hear him say it! Even though we didn’t come away with a car full of goodies, the stuff that we got was fun…and we had a great time! 
Canton 002 Canton 005 Canton 006

Here’s to grandparents!!!! What would we do without them?! Now, if they’d all just pack up and move here!!! :)


Mary said...

Such a blessing to have such a sweet family to help raise the kiddos! I am so grateful for my family especially now with my own kids and obviously y'all have two involved, loving sets of grandparents. It's a sweet thing to see!

dorisgold said...

My first grandbaby is due in just under 4 weeks!!!!!! Reading about Quinn and the fun times he has with his grandparents makes me even more excited for my precious grandson to get here!!!!