Wednesday, January 13, 2010

“My hair is crazy…”

“…but it’s ok! I can wear a hat!”

–Quinn Davis Poe

That was the first thing out of Quinn’s mouth when he caught a glimpse of his hair in the mirror this morning. We cracked up AND it really was crazy…has been a lot lately! So, due to the craziness of his hair and the cold, Q seems to have been wearing quite a few hats lately! And, I think he looks precious in them…

Here he is just posing away…and playing peek-a-boo…with his hat the other day…He was cracking himself up!…

beginning of Jan 012 beginning of Jan 007 beginning of Jan 008  beginning of Jan 011…and, here he is SO proud that he, Daddy and Stephen all have balls on their hats!!!…
beginning of Jan 019  And, here he is proudly wearing his Quicksilver hat on our “Q” field trip!!!…Doesn’t he look so big!?!?..
Q field trip 009All I know is that HATS are FUN!

And, my sweet little man is TOO cute in every kind! :)

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