Monday, January 18, 2010

Boy or Girl?

This weekend I had the sweet privilege of seeing two of my friends become a Mommy again.

First, on Friday, I headed up to visit Alli with Baby Cole Phillip Penuel. Alli was my sweet Chi Omega sister at Baylor and became my roommate between my college years and Mrs. years. Since those days, she and I have had the amazing opportunity to raise our boys together in our playgroup…and I love that Quinn and Chapman have a sweet friendship. The other day, when I was talking about Chapman being a big brother, Quinn informed me that Chapman was his good buddy! …Cole was precious as can be and Alli & David are obviously already in love with their new little man. It made the idea of having another boy so sweet and appealing! There’s just something about a momma with her baby boy!

U and babies 014

Then, on Saturday, I got to head up to a different hospital to see Jody with Colby Ann Clark. Oh my goodness! Little girls are just so sweet!!! Jody and I have recently become precious friends through all of my church friends and I have loved growing closer to her during her pregnancy. I love that she and I are going to have babies so close in age and look forward to many future playdates. Jody is a PRO at having girls…Colby is her third baby girl! But, you could tell when she held her newest in their matching gowns, that she was in MAD love! She made having a girl look so perfect & sweet! I can’t imagine it, but would  love to experience it.

U and babies 018

So, you can see that I’m torn. Boy? Girl? Here are my reasons for wanting both…


Why we {need} a boy
we have one, so we know what to do
he would give quinn a brother
the clothes, the toys, the stuff=cheaper
we love his name
i hear they really are easier
i’d get to remain as the princess of the house!
what’s sweeter than a mamma’s boy?


Why we {need} a girl
we don’t have one
who doesn’t love pink, ruffles and sparkles?
she would have the perfect big brother
we love her name
it would allow me to see my husband with a girl
if we have a third, I wouldn’t care what it was…and we’d probably not find out
i MUST plan a wedding one day…and all the tea parties in between

But, for now, we continue to wait. If you MADE me bet money on it, I think I’d guess girl!? I’m really not sure! We MIGHT find out if they do a sono at my appointment next week…but, if not, we’ll have to wait until my 20 week appointment around mid February. I just keep telling myself that not knowing is allowing me to relax…because the SECOND I know, I’ll be ready to shop and decorate! I can’t wait to see who God decided to add to our sweet little family. What a blessing he or she will be!!!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

super tough call on that one... your reasons are perfect for each! can't wait to hear NAMES!! :)

The Prosper Russells said...

can't wait to find out!! They are both so fun! :)

Jen said...

So happy for you! Can't wait to find out!!!

Mary said...

Oh seeing pictures made me miss Jody so much! I would love to all get together to play once she is up for it! I guess it's a girl :)

Jill said...

Now, you've made me so curious about the names!

Laura said...

I'm so curious about names too! I've said it before and I'll say it again...I think it's a girl :-) Can't wait to find out!

sanjeet said...

! They are both so fun!

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sanjeet said...

So happy for you! Can't wait to find out!

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