Wednesday, December 02, 2009

“Stick ‘em Bears!”

BaylorTech Game 019Months ago, Slickpaw made sure to get us tickets to the Baylor/Tech game that would be at the new Cowboy’s stadium. So, when the Friday after Thanksgiving finally arrived, we all put on our Baylor gear and headed to the game. Quinn was ready to cheer for the “Stick ‘em Bears” and we couldn’t wait to see the amazing, new stadium.

BaylorTech Game 003

BaylorTech Game 004 Slickpaw's Little Camera BU Game 007 BaylorTech Game 011 Slickpaw's Little Camera BU Game 028 

Obviously, the stadium did not disappoint. It was HUGE and so incredible! Even though we were in the top section, our seats were GREAT and Q loved watching everything on the “big TV!”

As the game began, Q had a thing or two to say to the Baylor Bears. He’d point his finger and tell them what to do. And, he enjoyed EVERY minute of the game…from the food, to the touchdowns, to the mascot, to the cotton candy and the tattoos…it was all so fun! Experiencing things through Quinn’s eyes really does make it so much better…his excitement and joy for the little things is so precious! BaylorTech Game 013 BaylorTech Game 014 BaylorTech Game 018Slickpaw's Little Camera BU Game 025  BaylorTech Game 024 BaylorTech Game 037BaylorTech Game 027 BaylorTech Game 028 BaylorTech Game 030 BaylorTech Game 034 BaylorTech Game 035 And, even though it was a bit of a nail-biter, the Baylor Bears just couldn’t pull it off. My dad said that Tech didn’t win…Baylor lost…and that was so true! I would have loved to see my Bears win, but it was fun cheering none the less. …Thanks, Slickpaw, for getting the tickets for us and making the event so much fun! What a FUN memory that we’ll never forget. BaylorTech Game 036


Sharee Forman said...

What a fun family date! :) Love the pics, and love your cool Baylor shirt! :)

Nicki W. said...

great pics! and congrats to you!!!!!!!! so exciting. i have been wondering when this day was coming :)

Meg said...

Can you share how you get your pictures laid out so nicely? It really looks great!