Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby, It’s Cold INSIDE!

Christmas 2009 026 On Christmas Eve morning, we braved the cold Texas winter to head to an even colder place…a 9 degree icy wonderland at the Gaylord Texan. Back in 2003, Matt and I took our families to the Ice and really enjoyed it…so, we knew that with a little guy in tow, and the Grinch as the main attraction, it would not disappoint. …And, we were right!!! We bundled up in our lovely blue parkas and had too much fun looking at all of the amazingness. Quinn was in awe…and he was cold…but never complained. It was obvious that getting too close to the Grinch was not his favorite part, but he loved all of the music, bright colors and the slide, of course. It was a fun Christmas memory…one that Quinn will talk about for a long time! Christmas 2009 027 Christmas 2009 028Ice5 Christmas 2009 032  Christmas 2009 043  Ice7 Ice1Christmas 2009 062Christmas 2009 059Christmas 2009 048  Ice2Christmas 2009 055 Christmas 2009 058   Ice6Christmas 2009 063

The craziest part about the slide was the surprise that the spectators (Mammer, Slickpaw and I) got at the bottom! We couldn’t believe our eyes when Quinn was on one side and Matt was on the other. Apparently, they won’t let you go together… so down the slide our little man went…all by himself!!! And, despite the terror in his eyes, he immediately got up and said…”I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF!!!” So proud. So cute! Ice3 Christmas 2009 040 Christmas 2009 066 Ice4Christmas 2009 068         Christmas 2009 071Quinn was also SO proud of the Grinch ornament that he picked out in the gift shop. He didn’t want to put it down! Christmas 2009 075When we exited the Ice, we were SHOCKED to see sheets of snow coming down outside! It was beautiful. So, we decided to warm up for a bit at the Gaylord. We had a yummy lunch and enjoyed all of the beautiful decorations there. A place to go back, FOR SURE! …Gaylord Gaylord1 Christmas 2009 025  Gaylord4  Christmas 2009 080 Christmas 2009 081 Christmas 2009 088

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The Johnson Family 5 said...

Ok...I was totally going to name my post for ICE the EXACT SAME THING!!! How funny is that?! Looks like you all had a great time like we did!