Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thing 1 & Thing 2

At the end of September, I asked for prayer for my sweet friend, Margie, that was in the hospital with her twin girls! At the time, she was 26 weeks and things were progressing nicely. Well, at the end of the next week, when the girls were only 27 1/2 weeks, they were born! And, immediately, God had his hand on them and their precious lives. …They are doing beautifully…they are both almost 4 pounds and are going to be able to eat from a bottle VERY soon. Last week, they were able to move them into the same crib…can you imagine how much they missed each other? …Even though Mommy and Daddy can’t wait for them to be home (and it’ll hopefully be a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS with two baby girls being in their own house by them), I know they are so very thankful for their precious little lives. …And, we have loved rejoicing with them at each step!!!…Kendall_and_Emery_168 Sunday was no different! We finally were able to throw the much anticipated shower for Kendall and Emery! And, what better theme than

Thing 1 & Thing 2!

It was such a fun and whimsical theme…and we all had so much fun celebrating the girls and their momma! ….Here are some pictures of the table before the massive amounts of food filled it!!!…

Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 001Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 002 Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 003  And all of the hostesses with the Momma in the middle! :) …Margie's Shower & More Fall Fun 007

Please continue to keep Kendall and Emery in your prayers as they grow and develop! We all can’t wait to meet them!!!

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